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  • Live Off the Beaten Path in Snohomish, Washington

    October 7, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Live Off the Beaten Path in Snohomish, Washington After years of living in cities, I have finally accepted that the thrill of tall buildings and clubs followed by a full meal at a restaurant at 3am has maybe faded. Perhaps this is what it means to get older. (Also I threw my back out last week, so perhaps that is what it means to get older.) In short, my husband and I are looking to move back home to Washington from Colorado next year. We want to live in the greater Seattle area, but somewhere quieter and closer to nature than Seattle itself. Of our options, Snohomish is looking pretty good. One of Washington State’s tucked away, funky gems, this rural farming community sits between the Puget Sound and the Cascade Range, about 45 minutes northeast of downtown Seattle.  If you’re interested in properties in this area, check out Pickett Street’s listings. Even better, get in touch with the team to chat all things real estate at or (425) 502-5397. Area Vibes Budget Travel recently voted it “one of the coolest small towns in America.” Plus, we recently ranked Snohomish as one of the best Seattle suburbs for outdoor…Read more

  • Seattle Real Estate Update: Fall 2019

    September 27, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Seattle Real Estate Update: Fall 2019 As drizzly days and cooler temperatures arrive, I have to admit that fall is my favorite season in Washington. I love falling asleep to the rain, I love the silvery mist in the mornings, I love sipping on big steaming cups of coffee all day, and I love cozy fall layers (as the Swedish say, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.”)  And while it’s always important to inhabit a home you love, the fall’s insistence on coziness makes a solid real estate investment even more necessary to one’s wellbeing. If you’re looking to buy or sell this fall, or if you have general real estate questions, Pickett Street Properties can help—reach out to them at or (425) 502-5397.  Also, to keep you informed, here is a fall real estate update for the Seattle area. 1. Long-term mortgage rates decrease. According to Freddie Mac, the average rate on the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage dropped to 3.64% from 3.73% this past week. A year ago, this rate held at 4.72%. Additionally, the average rate for 15-year, fixed-rate home loans dropped this week to 3.16% from 3.21% last week. These declining rates are good news for…Read more

  • Pickett Street and Biophilic Design

    September 23, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Biophilic Design Most Seattlites are probably familiar with Amazon’s Spheres: three connected domes full of tropical rainforests and other flora, designed as a space for Amazon employees to take screen breaks, relax, and feel closer to nature.  While these Spheres feel like something straight from science fiction, they represent a growing trend in both residential and commercial architecture—biophilic design. Many major tech companies, including Amazon, Apple, and Google, have started to incorporate biophilic design into their work spaces in order to encourage happier, healthier employees.  Biophilic design results from “the much-studied idea that human beings are happier when surrounded by nature” and is all about bringing the outdoors in. This 2018 UK study, for example, found that exposure to trees, sky, and birdsong can improve one’s mental wellbeing. In Japan, “forest bathing” refers to the popular therapeutic practice of leaving behind electronic devices to wander slowly and mindfully in a forest. According to Olympia’s KMB Architects, biophilic design brings natural elements such as plants, running water, light, and even natural artifacts such as driftwood or stones inside. It also includes non-visual connections with nature, such as the sound of rain on the roof, natural textures, or fireplaces to evoke warmth.…Read more

  • Make It Rain: How Pickett Street and Margaret Smith Keep Things Real

    September 13, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Make It Rain: How Pickett Street and Margaret Smith Keep Things Real Today, Pickett Street’s Director of Operations Margaret Smith is set to teach another Make It Rain class in Joplin, Missouri. (If you’re interested in attending a future class, get in touch at or 206-228-5067.) Anyone who knows Margaret knows that she is a force to be reckoned with in real estate and beyond. Margaret has a masters degree in social work and a bachelor’s in art and sociology. Before working at Pickett Street, she worked at the Seattle Art Museum as the Docent Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.  Margaret has worked with Jesse D. Moore and Pickett Street for the past six and a half years, averaging over 130 real estate transactions over the last five years. She first decided to create her Make It Rain class after attending real estate conferences and and noticing that “nobody was actually talking about the hard stuff—nobody wanted to talk about salary, nobody wanted to talk about bonuses, nobody wanted to approach the hard emotional conversations needed in order to get to the next level of leadership.”  Inspired to shake things up within the real estate admin world, Margaret designed…Read more

  • Build Authentic Relationships in Real Estate: A Conversation With Buyers Agent Jessica Townsel

    September 6, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Build Authentic Relationships in Real Estate: A Conversation With Buyers Agent Jessica Townsel Pickett Street’s next homebuyers class is tomorrow—Saturday, September 7th at 10am. Are you going? Not only does this entirely free class provide easily digestible, essential information for investing in a home, it also provides breakfast. So. In the words of Shakespeare, get thee to this homebuyers class tomorrow! This week, I chatted with Jessica Townsel, Pickett Street’s Buyers Agent. Jessica strives to be the best resource and to provide peace of mind to her clients throughout the entire buying process. In our interview, she got real about the rewards and challenges of her work and emphasized how much interactions between agents and clients require trust.  Attending a homebuyers class like the one Pickett Street offers tomorrow is an excellent way to begin building authentic relationships with your real estate team based on trust and honesty.  Reach out to Jessica for more information about buying a home at 425-322-9188. In the meantime, here’s what Jessica had to say about her work. What do you love most about being a buyers agent?  I love the opportunity to educate my clients and play a key role in one of the…Read more

  • Real Estate Is About People: Pickett Street’s IG: You Series

    August 30, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    As much as we love fascinating architecture, innovative remodeling, and gorgeous design, real estate is really more about the people than the properties. As we’ve mentioned once or twice before, Pickett Street values individuals and their unique real estate dreams, goals, and stories.  Let's talk about Pickett Street's IG: You Series Pickett Street also values consistency in quality for their clients and followers. One of the ways they demonstrate these values is through their Instagram’s Instagram:You series. Every Monday, the team’s Instagram stories features an interview with someone from their community. Catch the IG: You series every Monday on Pickett Street’s Instagram. For more about the real estate world and working with Pickett Street to buy or sell a home, contact them at or (425) 502-5397.  Below are a few highlights from IG: You’s guests. 1. Mari Wuellner Mari is a lifestyle coach and speaker who recently launched The Living on Purpose podcast. Eight years ago, after realizing that she was going through the motions of life with no sense of real direction, Mari decided to start her own life coaching business. Margaret loves helping her life coaching clients “break down walls & build up trust so that we…Read more

  • Meet Jagels!

    August 16, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Welcome, Jagels! A Conversation with Pickett Street’s Command Central Captain The Pickett Street team is excited to welcome Christina Jagels as the new Command Central Captain (official title TBD). Christina has been in the real estate industry since 2012, and she is well known for her knowledge of real estate contracts and negotiation; for her motivation and drive; for her empathy for clients and team members; and for her perspective and intuitive abilities. In addition to her work with Pickett Street, she owns a transaction coordination business called Closer Pros LLC. This week, I chatted with Christina about her story, her new role, her favorite places, and more. If you’re interested in saying hello to Christina, or if you would like to chat with Pickett Street about buying or selling a home, reach out at or (425) 502-5397.   Hi Christina, tell me about yourself! Where did you work prior to Pickett Street?  I grew up here in the PNW, moved around a bit, and settled in Arlington. I have been in real estate serving top producing teams since 2012. I have had many admin roles within those teams, including Transaction Coordinator and Executive Assistant.  I am very happy…Read more

  • Best Seattle Suburbs of 2019

    August 13, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    City living is a special experience—there’s nothing like waking up and shuffling downstairs to your favorite coffee shop, or taking a ten-minute Uber ride on a Friday night to find yourself in the middle of some of Seattle’s hottest nightlife.  However, it’s no secret that cities like Seattle can be quite expensive, which forces many Seattlites to sacrifice living space for those urban cosmopolitan vibes. According to Seattle Magazine and Zillow, “almost 50 percent of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, and they’re choosing larger properties with more bang for their buck, paying a median price of $217,000 for a home that is about 1,800 square feet.” For those of you who want to live close to Seattle while enjoying a quieter, more spacious lifestyle, we’ve assembled a list below of the best Seattle suburbs (check out Seattle Magazine for a more complete list). Before you read on, reach out to Pickett Street at or (425) 502-5397 so that the team can help you find the perfect home. 1. Best Burb for Walkable Downtown: Kirkland If you crave a pedestrian-centric city with access to amenities, Edmonds, Sumner, or Kirkland might be just the place. Kirkland sits on the north…Read more

  • Don’t Let Fear or Excuses Hold You Back: A Conversation With Sarah Troske

    August 6, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    After nearly five years as the Team Administrator and Transaction Coordinator at Pickett Street, Sarah Troske is moving on to pursue her dreams of working as a personal trainer and bodybuilder. Read more about how she started bodybuilding here—her story will make you forget every excuse you’ve ever made. Sarah works as a personal trainer and gym administrator at Pure Results Fitness Center in Lynnwood, WA. Good news—if you’re interested in training with her, your first session is free! Call or text Sarah at 425-275-7522 to book an appointment, and email her with any questions at Hi Sarah! What did you enjoy most about working at Pickett Street, and what will you miss? What I enjoyed most wasn't what I actually did, but who I did it for. I loved being part of a team who supported me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me grow personally and professionally. I will miss going to the office (Command Central) every day, meeting weekly with the team, talking with Mo during our weekly goal meetings, hearing the bell ring every time we make an appointment, and hearing Jesse laugh. What I will miss most is the people. Without…Read more

  • 3 Design Trends to Rejuvenate Your Home This Spring

    May 24, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    According to author Leo Tolstoy, “spring is the time of plans and projects.” And so, every spring, I fight the urge to Marie-Kondo my entire home to the extreme—giving away all furniture, books, clothes, and knick-knacks in exchange for a more spacious fresh start. My husband usually quietly follows my tornado path around the house, taking rather critical things like our TV out of my give-away boxes and placing them back where they belong. Luckily, there are many easier and less extreme ways to breathe fresh air into your home. Rather than getting rid of everything, for example, you might paint your kitchen walls a splashy color, or indulge in some new houseplants. Below is our guide to the hottest 2019 home design trends to help you revive your home this spring. 1. Living coral and other bold colors The color and design firm Pantone declared “living coral” to be the official color for 2019. This is good news, because this color is absolutely joyful. The Spruce offers some pretty options for incorporating this rosy shade into your home, from painting the walls to including a few simple pops of color with accent pillows. Pantone’s spring/summer 2019 color trends are…Read more

  • Get Outside: Pickett Street’s Outdoor Entertainment Guide for Summer 2019

    May 20, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Who needs to travel when your home state was recently ranked the best state in the country? According to US News and World Report, Washington’s position as a “tech powerhouse,” the fact that it has the fastest growing economy, and its commitment to clean energy make this the best spot to call home.  As such, let’s celebrate the Puget Sound area’s excellence with a guide to outdoor events. This summer, the Pickett Street team encourages you to get outside, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the salty sunshine as much as possible. Also—if you need a hand buying or selling a home in the Puget Sound area this summer, get in touch with the team by phone 425-502-5397 or by email at  Outdoor Theater Nerd that I am, every summer I try to find a discounted Shakespeare performance at an outdoor theater. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the still, cool summer dusk to watch the stars come out as a story unfolds on stage. Here’s the complete guide to outdoor theater in Seattle this summer. A few of highlights include: 1. Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet Cost: FREE When: July 11th-August 11th Where: various parks around the…Read more

  • The PNW Operations Retreat

    April 16, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    “I trust you.” I whispered to Agostina DiMartino. She came up to me during Gary John Bishops talk with us and looked me dead in the eye, “I didn’t expect to cry today” she said. She told me she was trying to ensure she didn’t take away from the moment we were having with Gary by having the click of the camera interrupt our obvious vulnerability. That’s just one of the reasons I hire Agostina-her empathy, tact and grace. I didn’t expect the outcome of this retreat. I try not to expect anything and just pour my heart and soul into the INTENTION of this event and my life. When I do that and I have clear intentions, then the magic rolls forth and people unfold and blossom like never before. It was evident by Saturday evening that we’d been hit with a monumental amount of information to digest, process and take action on. And I’m still working through everything that happened at the PNW Operations Retreat this year. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and start writing about it.It was a combination of attendees, speakers, the environment, the food and the intention. All 33 of us…Read more