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New: Make It Rain: How Pickett Street and Margaret Smith Keep Things Real

Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Make It Rain: How Pickett Street and Margaret Smith Keep Things Real

Today, Pickett Street’s Director of Operations Margaret Smith is set to teach another Make It Rain class in Joplin, Missouri. (If you’re interested in attending a future class, get in touch at or 206-228-5067.)

Anyone who knows Margaret knows that she is a force to be reckoned with in real estate and beyond. Margaret has a masters degree in social work and a bachelor’s in art and sociology. Before working at Pickett Street, she worked at the Seattle Art Museum as the Docent Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. 

Margaret has worked with Jesse D. Moore and Pickett Street for the past six and a half years, averaging over 130 real estate transactions over the last five years. She first decided to create her Make It Rain class after attending real estate conferences and and noticing that “nobody was actually talking about the hard stuff—nobody wanted to talk about salary, nobody wanted to talk about bonuses, nobody wanted to approach the hard emotional conversations needed in order to get to the next level of leadership.” 

Inspired to shake things up within the real estate admin world, Margaret designed her Make It Rain class. Over six hours, Margaret teaches and motivates real estate professionals, helps them build and strengthen their teams, and fosters these hard, authentic, and critical conversations. As one reviewer says, “This class is very very real, it’s raw, it’s nonjudgmental, and it’s incredibly eye-opening.”

This class is for:

  • Brand new agents

  • Agents without an admin

  • Agents with an admin

  • Small/large teams

  • Any business! The class targets real estate agents but the content is applicable across industries.

In honor of Margaret’s class and the entire team’s awesome work, here are just a few of the many reasons Pickett Street is such a special team. (Reach out to them today at (425) 502-5397 or

1. Pickett Street follows the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) model.

This means that instead of one agent who does ten things, Pickett Street involves ten expert agents who each do one thing very well. About this model, Margaret states, “We believe that the single real estate model is broken; there are too many details to be entrusted to any one singular person during the course of a transaction. We believe that the team model is better equipped to represent buyers and sellers in this marketplace.”

2. Pickett Street values authentic relationships and stories.

Through highly skilled and compassionate real estate agents, features such as the Finely Clicked Podcast and the IG: You series, and the team keeps what truly matters—individuals and how they turn challenges into successes—in sight at all times

3. Pickett Street offers clients the highest quality real estate experiences.

The team’s lead listing agent Jesse Moore only works with sellers, not buyers. Jesse started working in real estate in 2006 and has listed a total of 300 homes since 2012. To read stellar reviews about Jesse and other agents, check out Pickett Street’s Facebook page

Be sure to contact the team with all your real estate questions at or (425) 502-5397. And find contact Margaret at or 206-228-5067, or find out more her class schedule here.

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