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This might seem like a silly question, but if you had to choose, would you want a consultation with an average doctor? Or just an average lawyer? Why then do so many people settle with hiring an average real estate agent?

Nationwide, the average real estate agent sells 9 homes a year. And every day I see average agents doing an average job marketing a consumer’s home for sale. And every time I see an average agent rewarded for this, I realize that I need to do a better job differentiating the difference between what an average agent does and what we do.

Over the last two years we’ve listed and sold an average of 79 homes a year (it would take an “average” agent over 8 years to do the same). We hire professional photographers, professional graphic designers, and professional interior designers to help us refine the marketing and packaging of our product: your home.

We’re also consumer advocates looking to change the way that real estate agents conduct their business. When you meet with one of our listing agents, you’re meeting with a specialized expert in listing and selling homes. Our listing agents don’t represent buyers, they ONLY represent home sellers – and their expertise in listing homes is unparalleled.

Because we list so many homes we also have a better pulse on the market overall. Other agents might only sell a home or two a month – so it can take them a few months to see a trend or change in the market. We sell 5-8 listings per month, so we evaluate trends and changes in the market on a weekly basis, and we change our home-selling strategies as needed to get the most for our sellers in any market.

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