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Posts made in November, 2008

  • Forbes ♥ Seattle real estate market: Quick to Rebound

    November 6, 2008 /
    Jesse D. Moore /

    You have to love good news about our real estate market - and if it happens to come from one of the premier authorities on wealth, well that doesn't hurt. Forbes recently published an article declaring Seattle's real estate market as the most likely to rebound. I'm posting the beginning of the article here, with a link to the full story below: If you're a homeowner seeing property values plummet, look to the commercial real estate market for solace. It might tell you which areas will recover fastest--and which will likely remain weak. The Urban Land Institute recently asked 700 real estate professionals to name the best (and worst) places to invest in commercial real estate in the coming year. Those surveyed included private developers, Realtors and Real Estate Investment Trust executives. Their answers also apply to the residential market, since the single-family-home sector typically follows the economy. As wages go up and there are more jobs, more people can buy homes, pushing prices up. The best cities in which to invest are those that are considered gateways to international investment, have vital downtowns where people can forgo cars, and don't have a glut of condos or office space. These traits…Read more