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Posts made in February, 2021

  • Who should be selling right now?

    February 26, 2021 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Who should be selling right now? Owner and lead listing agent Jesse D. Moore shares his thoughts on the current market.  Accidental Investors Many homeowners that bought around 2005-2007 became accidental investors when their primary homes lost equity during the housing recession. Many bought their next home at a steep discount and at incredible rates, and ended up having to hang onto their property as a rental because of the circumstances. Many of these investors have gained huge equity on these properties, especially after tenants had helped pay down the principal. This is a great opportunity to liquidate these single-family rentals and roll them into larger, more income-producing multi-family properties. People moving out of the area There are many hot markets around the country, but not all are at the fever-pitch we find ourselves in. Most of the sellers that we’re helping are making a move out of the area, and we’ve successfully helped them strategize a more stress-less transition by getting them additional time after closing to make their relocation easier. If you’ve ever thought about moving somewhere outside of the PNW, or if work no longer requires you to live near an office, there has not been a…Read more