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Posts made in November, 2016

  • The Preposterous Rituals of Turkey Day

    November 23, 2016 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Call me sentimental, but my mind is wholly occupied with turkey and potatoes today. Thanksgiving in my household was always a bit of a confusion, partly because we never knew exactly who might show up for dinner. As a local pastor, my father maintained a more or less constant open-door-policy with his parishioners, meaning that all 300 members of the congregation were theoretically welcome when it came time to carve the turkey. In addition to this prodigious crowd, my father’s property generally played host to an eclectic assortment of animals, including, but not limited to, one cat, one dog, two parakeets, three obese chickens, and two stupendously moronic goats (Dad was an urban farmer before the role was co-opted by bespectacled twenty-somethings from Brooklyn), all of whom seemed fond of wandering in and out of the house with a blatant disregard for both basic social etiquette and screen doors. All in all, Clark Thanksgivings were usually characterized by barely managed yet jovial chaos, making them pretty standard affairs as far as holidays go. And yet, this craziness was an important part of my home’s identity. My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without the sound of gravy burbling on the…Read more

  • What Do We Pay Real Estate Agents For?

    November 9, 2016 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    These days, a large swath of the population seems fond of predicting the imminent decline of the real estate agent. With the newfound ease of viewing homes (along with accompanying neighborhood/community statistics) online, it occasionally seems like the services provided by real estate agents are unnecessary expenses. If that’s your line of thought, then think again: appearances are deceiving. In reality, real estate agents perform far more tasks than merely finding a home for clients, and they are paid for a much more diverse array of services. In fact, the average real estate agent is paid for vital but abstract services that no Internet search can provide, including problem solving and stress/emotional management. So, if you feel like you can handle your home search with a measly tour on Google, read on to see why working with a real estate agent is always the better option. Problem Solving Even the most seamless real estate transactions run into occasional setbacks. Whether you lose a bidding war on your dream home, or the home you’re about to close a deal on requires unexpected renovations, buying a home almost always involves at least one unforeseen hiccup. This observation is not meant to discourage…Read more

  • Is Portland King of Real Estate? Not for Long!

    November 4, 2016 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    When hot home markets come up in conversations, most people mention Portland, Oregon. Rent prices in the region have been soaring for years, after all, and actually purchasing a home in the region can be as competitive as a Timbers-Sounders match. After living in Portland for five years, I can certainly see the appeal of the city (where else can I scarf down a bacon-wrapped donut mere moments before attending a Level 3 Vinyasa Flow Class heated to a toasty 101 degrees?). That said, based on the latest housing market trends, it seems like Portland’s days as the hottest housing market are numbered. Between August 2015 and August 2016, Portland home prices increased by 11.7%, putting Rip City in first place for the hottest home market in the country. However, that lead is beginning to look precarious, as Seattle’s housing prices posted an 11.4% increase during the same time period. Not only that, but Seattle also posted significant gains over third place Denver’s housing prices, which recorded a comparatively modest 8.8% gain. Based on this information, it seems that the Emerald City real estate market is reasserting its dominance once again. Now, those numbers might initially seem mildly interesting but…Read more