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New: Best Seattle Suburbs of 2019

Posted on Aug 13, 2019

City living is a special experience—there’s nothing like waking up and shuffling downstairs to your favorite coffee shop, or taking a ten-minute Uber ride on a Friday night to find yourself in the middle of some of Seattle’s hottest nightlife. 

However, it’s no secret that cities like Seattle can be quite expensive, which forces many Seattlites to sacrifice living space for those urban cosmopolitan vibes. According to Seattle Magazine and Zillow, “almost 50 percent of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, and they’re choosing larger properties with more bang for their buck, paying a median price of $217,000 for a home that is about 1,800 square feet.”

For those of you who want to live close to Seattle while enjoying a quieter, more spacious lifestyle, we’ve assembled a list below of the best Seattle suburbs (check out Seattle Magazine for a more complete list).

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1. Best Burb for Walkable Downtown: Kirkland
If you crave a pedestrian-centric city with access to amenities, Edmonds, Sumner, or Kirkland might be just the place. Kirkland sits on the north shore of Lake Washington, and its waterfront attracts plenty of runners and walkers. Downtown Kirkland hosts shops, restaurants, galleries, the upscale Heathman Hotel, and Marina Park.

Kirkland is also the fastest growing Seattle suburb. This city has grown 72% since 2010. Keep an eye out for Kirkland Urban a 1.2 million-square-foot, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented project.

Also, check out this lovely Kirkland home with lake and mountain views.

2. Best Burbs for Outdoor Access: Issaquah and Snohomish
The “Issaquah Alps,” which include Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain, Rattlesnake Ridge,  and more, feature over 200 miles of trails. For snowboarding and skiing, Issaquah residents can drive just 36 minutes to The Summit at Snoqualmie. Equine Escapes offers horseback-riding trails in the Cascade foothills, and Lake Sammamish State Park allows visitors to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Also, while it’s a bit too far away to still be considered a Seattle suburb, Snohomish allows easy access to Washington’s gorgeous north country in the Cascade foothills. Also, the city’s 1,400 acre Lord Hill Park on the Snohomish River, which has space for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback-riding.

Check out this listing for a beautiful stretch of vacant land in Snohomish.

3. Best Burbs for an Easy Commute: Kent and Seatac
If you work in Seattle, but are looking for more space and a quieter lifestyle, Kent is a great choice. The Sounder train from downtown Kent to King Street Station in downtown Seattle takes less than 30 minutes.

Both Issaquah and Seatac also offer easy commutes to Seattle. Seatac’s Rapid Ride buses run every ten minutes during peak commuting times and every 15 minutes during the rest of the day. The Link light rail also runs between downtown Seattle and Angle Lake in Seatac.

Check out this gorgeous Redondo neighborhood home in Des Moines, just a 13-minute drive from Angle Lake.

4. Best Burb for Affordable Homes: Everett
While Everett is currently experiencing exciting economic growth, this up-and-coming city’s median home price is still just $343,400.

Additionally, check out Redmond, which has a median home price of $450,900 and neighborhoods integrating historical homes with newer single-family homes, townhomes, and condos.

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