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Posts made in December, 2018

  • What’s Your Word for the Year?

    December 31, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    What's Your Word for the Year? By Margaret Smith, Director of Operations for Pickett Street In 2018 my word was “Relentless”. I don’t give up and I’m relentless in my pursuit of fulfilling my purpose.  The word came to me in May of 2018- so it wasn’t something that I intentionally chose to do before the New Year rolled around, I just realized it was what I was doing. This year I’m making a point of selecting my word for the year ahead of time, with intention.  Definition of Relentless: Showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace.  My friend Jessica and I used to say “We’re not smart, we just work really hard”. That was our perspective in high school, and I still stand firm with it for the most part. I do believe I’m intelligent, but I also believe I don’t know everything. Nothing comes easily to me- I work really hard for everything I have in my life: my duplex, my career, my family, friends and passion to grow and become the next iteration of myself. What you see on social media is all true, and I work hard to try and show the…Read more

  • Beacon Hill Modern

    December 28, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    No shared walls with this modern free-standing home on Beacon Hill. Enter on polished concrete floors that spill through the lower level great room, which is anchored by a spacious kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, subway tile backsplash and quartz countertops. 2 bedrooms on the second level, separated by a full bathroom and utility room with washer, dryer and tankless water heater. Watch sunrises from the balcony of the third-floor master retreat, which also features a double shower and large walk-in closet. All this plus a rooftop deck with shade and turf, carport, security system, barn doors, radiant heat and air conditioning, in a central location close to light rail, bus line, Mountain to Sound trail, I-5 & 90. No HOA dues & all appliances stay! Call Jesse Moore at 425.502.5397 for more information.Read more

  • Pickett Street’s Coziest Holiday Traditions

    December 21, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Right now I’m curled up in my parents’ home in Gig Harbor, which just lost power in the wind storm. Because the house’ sits in a secluded spot in the woods, they lose power several times per year and never know if electricity will return in a few hours or a few days. One Christmas, we lost power for a full week. However, despite the fact that the wind storm has just plunged my family into darkness for the unforeseeable future, the holidays in our home remain infused with hygge. We have a wood-burning stove, a pot of coffee, stacks of reading material, and plenty of candles. Recently, I read about an adorable tradition in Iceland called Jólabókaflóðið (“flood of books”), where loved ones gift books to each other on Christmas Eve, then spend the rest of the evening snuggled up at home reading and drinking hot chocolate. To celebrate tōji, or the winter solstice, people in Japan take hot yuzu baths to warm up, lift their moods, and soothe chapped skin. I’ve learned over the years that homes feel the coziest when you choose a space that feels true to your needs and when you maintain social connections and…Read more

  • Community Highlights: Pure Results

    December 17, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same.  This week we are excited to share about Pure Results Fitness Center in Lynnwood, WA. Our very own Team Administrator Sarah Troske and Owner Jesse Moore attend Pure Results!   Hello, my name is Ray Hecita, I am the Owner of Pure Results Fitness Center and a Body Transformation Specialist. I started Pure Results in 2006 with 20+ years of experience in working with people to transform their lives that simply wanted to lose weight, gain weight, getting ready for a competition, rehabilitation, or injury prevention.   After working for most of the large gyms in Washington I finally started my gym because unfortunately most people were not being serviced well and they were getting hurt. I opened Pure Results for that specific reason, to help more people transform their lives for the better. By helping them get in the best shape and avoid injury. After doing so, I know I have done my best to help them, so one day they can spread the information and education I taught them to help other people get in better…Read more

  • Seattle’s Big Shift: Two More Reasons to Buy a Home Now

    December 14, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    You may have noticed a trend in these blog posts over the past several weeks. Here they are, in no particular order: how to buy a home with zero down, why a home should be on your shopping list, and why to buy before the new year.   This recent push to buy is not to encourage you to participate mindlessly in the holiday season’s characteristically frantic spending. Rather, Pickett Street wants their clients to know that buying now might be a very mindful, financially smart decision. Buying a home right now is like going shopping at the mall during the quietest, most dead time of the year, when you practically have the whole place to yourself, when stores are eager to move product, and when sales abound.   Over the past six years, Seattle has been a difficult place to buy a home. The Seattle Times reports that in 2017, 92 percent of Seattle homes for sale involved multiple bidders. 79 percent of homes had multiple bidders in the larger stretch between Snohomish and Pierce Counties.   However, over the past several months, the tides have quickly shifted. In November, just 21 percent of Seattle homes had multiple bidders.…Read more

  • South Everett Tri-Level

    December 10, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    This 4 bedroom tri-level home in South Everett has a newly painted interior. Enter on laminate floors that spill across the great room with gas fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Kitchen opens to dining room with sliding door to covered deck. 3 bedrooms upstairs, including master suite with 3/4 bathroom. 4th bedroom is downstairs, and offers access to the interior spa room with hot tub. All this plus a sprinkler system, rosebushes, asian pear & cherry trees, fully fenced backyard and RV parking. Call Jesse Moore at 425.502.5397 for more information. To download the property flyer as a PDF, click on the link:  South Everett Tri-LevelRead more

  • Pickett Street’s Holiday Event Guide 2018

    December 7, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Real talk: December can feel difficult for many people. Financial issues, complicated family dynamics, and other personal challenges often rear their ugly heads. Additionally, with its deeply northern location, the Seattle area can feel especially dark and wet this time of year, resulting in low energy and dips in one’s moods. Curious about how people in even darker parts of the world handle winter, I recently read an article about a PhD student who spent a full year researching mental health in Tromsø, Norway. Tromsø is so far north that between late November and late January, the sun never climbs above the horizon. Apparently, however, residents in this town largely avoid seasonal depression. As it turned out, Norwegians “view winter as something to be enjoyed, not endured.” Tromsø residents infuse everything they do with a sense of koselig—roughly translated as “coziness” and similar to the Danish hygge—through fires, warm drinks, candles, and fuzzy blankets. According to the article, the research student also reported that Norwegians typically form close-knit communities and that “Tromsø had plenty of festivals and community activities creating the sense that everyone was in it together.” So, in order to help you embrace winter’s chill, spend more time…Read more

  • Why A Home Should Be On Your Shopping List

    December 7, 2018 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Earlier this week I made a rare trip to the mall to drop off what I assumed would be a quick return. I have grown so accustomed to completing my shopping online, from the comfort of my own home, sipping my coffee and wearing sweatpants, that this trip felt like a real Event. While the return itself took approximately 30 seconds (customer service these days, am I right?), driving around the parking lot looking for a spot took approximately—and this is not even an exaggeration—30 minutes. All this occurred while the mall’s speakers blasted terrible Christmas music at an unnecessarily loud volume. By the end of my search, I was humming weirdly to myself, rocking back and forth in my seat, and—not sound too dramatic but—feeling like I was in trapped in one of Dante’s nine circles of hell. What I mean to say is, the holiday season’s hustle and bustle can quickly become overwhelming. However, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, because the market is calmer and less competitive, late fall and winter can be excellent times to buy a home. How to ease the stress of buying a home during the holiday season, then? First, as…Read more