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Posts made in August, 2021

  • New Listing Service: Keller Offers Ready to Sell

    August 6, 2021 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    We are pleased to present our newest listing service: Keller Offers Ready to Sell As a certified agent with Keller Offers, Jesse can give his listing clients access to up to $75,000 to take care of pre-listing repairs and updates that can be paid off after the successful closing, usually for 0% interest! Here are some frequently asked questions about our new program: 1. Why Ready to Sell? Homes are rarely ready to be put on the market as-is. Sometimes it's just a little TLC that can help buyers visualize themselves in the home. This could be fresh, neutral paint to replace outdated wallpaper or updated flooring that sets the house apart from the one down the street. Perhaps you have done a pre-listing home inspection and need to take care of those items to position the home better against the competition. One of the greatest benefits of this new service is that you are not responsible for finding any contractors or vendors, they are all vetted and supplied by Keller Offers. We can do it all! 2. What homes qualify? The Ready to Sell program is a great fit for most homes! There are only a couple disqualifiers: complete…Read more