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Buying a Home with a Team of Specialists

Even though buying a home is an exciting adventure, it can also be a complicated process. Our buyer team at Pickett Street Properties will streamline the home buying process for you. We break it down into understandable and manageable steps. That way you can focus on finding and moving into your dream home. We’ll do the rest.

Take a walk with us along Pickett Street. We’ll show you the way…

Our approach to the home-buying process is unique because you get more than one agent dedicated to your home purchase!

To know us is to love us. We have a wealth of experience working with home buyers and know how to make you feel comfortable to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. Regardless of your situation – purchasing a first home, moving up to your dream home, or investing as part of a larger strategy – Pickett Street can help you locate and secure the ideal property to achieve your goals.

We’re homeowners and busy professionals ourselves so we know how to:

1.  Develop a home search based on your wish list and budget,
2.  Utilize technology to maximize our time together,
3.  Advise you so you’re positioned to negotiate the best deal, and
4.  Refer you to industry resources (lenders, inspectors, etc.) to ensure a smooth and successful closing.

Step by step. When choosing a REALTOR®, you’ll want to work with someone who knows the answers to these questions and who can spell out exactly what you’re paying for in terms of earnest money and closing costs BEFORE you see any homes.

Pickett Street has the expertise to answer all of your questions and to walk you through the home buying process every step of the way.

  1. Set an Initial Meeting with Your Lead Buyer Agent
    • Listen and prioritize must-haves and wants
    • Determine financial eligibility
    • Market update
    • Set expectations
    • Choose Pickett Street for your team
  2. Loan Qualification
    • Discuss finances with a Loan Officer
    • Obtain pre-qualification
  3. Find a Home with Your Showing Specialist
    • Help you select affordable properties that fit your criteria
    • Represent you in a positive way throughout all interactions with seller and listing agent
    • Collaborate with you to discuss and analyze each home to narrow the field
    • Communicate with Lead Buyer Agent when you’ve chosen the home to make an offer on
  4. Strategize with Your Lead Buyer Agent and Compose Your Offer
  5. Your Lead Buyer Agent Presents and Negotiates Your Offer