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Posts made in July, 2009

  • Housing: swimming in info, searching for the bottom

    July 14, 2009 /
    Dennis S. Pearce /

    The US Housing market officially hit bottom on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, according to Mad Money's Jim Cramer. Based on his analysis of better than expected housing starts, increasing sales, and decreasing inventory, Cramer argues that we've seen the worst of this housing debacle, and can begin the slow climb back to sanity. And yet, a month later, we're still seeing headlines that read like footnotes to the 4 horsemen's sightseeing tour. So, how can we have this extreme swing in opinion? We're all getting the same numbers, and¬†existing on the same planet, correct? Yet I'd swear I've never seen more schizo info. There's nothing consistent, no standards of reporting, no BIG HOUSING CHART that we're all referring to- like the digital counter ticking up the national debt ( I think they ran out of slots on that one). Shouldn't there be some agency (job security!), or body of standards keepers (bureaucrats)¬†who sift through all the info and disseminate it into neat little bite-sized, easily digestible (And Accurate) chunks so those of us with lives to lead can get our (Useful) news and still have a life? I'm sure this was the original thinking behind the current crop of infotainment/news…Read more