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New: 3 Design Trends to Rejuvenate Your Home This Spring

Posted on May 24, 2019

According to author Leo Tolstoy, “spring is the time of plans and projects.” And so, every spring, I fight the urge to Marie-Kondo my entire home to the extreme—giving away all furniture, books, clothes, and knick-knacks in exchange for a more spacious fresh start. My husband usually quietly follows my tornado path around the house, taking rather critical things like our TV out of my give-away boxes and placing them back where they belong.

Luckily, there are many easier and less extreme ways to breathe fresh air into your home. Rather than getting rid of everything, for example, you might paint your kitchen walls a splashy color, or indulge in some new houseplants. Below is our guide to the hottest 2019 home design trends to help you revive your home this spring.

1. Living coral and other bold colors

The color and design firm Pantone declared “living coral” to be the official color for 2019. This is good news, because this color is absolutely joyful. The Spruce offers some pretty options for incorporating this rosy shade into your home, from painting the walls to including a few simple pops of color with accent pillows.

Pantone’s spring/summer 2019 color trends are also out. According to Coastal Living, Pantone’s 2019 colors strike a balance between bright/tropical and classic/bold. A few of this spring’s hottest colors include rich navy blue, pink coral, cayenne, muted mossy green, and dark lemon citron. 

John McClain of John McClain Design comments, “The colors for spring 2019 are like a smorgasbord of fresh fruit…Colors of kiwi, apricots, strawberries, golden apples, and blueberries combined with plant based creamy neutrals like white corn and soybean. The colors are fresh, lively and invite interaction and scream vitality; all of the things we all want after a cold and dreary winter.”

2. Tropical vibes

Perhaps connected to 2019’s love for bright tropical colors, the year’s home design trends include explosions of green. According to New York-based designer Meg Roberts, “From large-scale palms and jungle murals to botanical and toile-type renderings of exotic birds and animals, these patterns celebrate a wide range of gorgeous greens.”

House plants are one of the easiest ways to create a greener, more tropical vibe in your home. Here’s a list of low-risk, high-reward house plants from Seattle’s beloved nursery Swansons. 

3. Metals, cane, and rattan 

Dark metals, such as iron, bronze, and almost-blackened brass are in right now. Check out this stunning Puget Sound home that combines wood and metal furniture to create a modern feel. 

Cane and rattan furniture are also in—such as this gorgeous bed frame, or these simple candle holders. These pieces will help you create an airy, outdoors-indoors, tropical atmosphere in your home. 

If you still need some inspiration, this amazing home tour includes all of these trendy elements—dark metals, rattan furniture, pops of color, and tropical motifs. (Be sure to scroll to the very end to check out the amazing tropical wallpaper in the bathroom.)

For more inspiration, check out home ideas from Milan’s Spring Design Fair. And, as always, for help finding your dream home, selling a home, or anything else real-estate-related, get in touch with Pickett Street at 425-502-5397 or

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