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New: Build Authentic Relationships in Real Estate: A Conversation With Buyers Agent Jessica Townsel

Posted on Sep 6, 2019

Build Authentic Relationships in Real Estate: A Conversation With Buyers Agent Jessica Townsel

Pickett Street’s next homebuyers class is tomorrow—Saturday, September 7th at 10am. Are you going? Not only does this entirely free class provide easily digestible, essential information for investing in a home, it also provides breakfast. So. In the words of Shakespeare, get thee to this homebuyers class tomorrow!

This week, I chatted with Jessica Townsel, Pickett Street’s Buyers Agent. Jessica strives to be the best resource and to provide peace of mind to her clients throughout the entire buying process. In our interview, she got real about the rewards and challenges of her work and emphasized how much interactions between agents and clients require trust. 

Attending a homebuyers class like the one Pickett Street offers tomorrow is an excellent way to begin building authentic relationships with your real estate team based on trust and honesty. 

Reach out to Jessica for more information about buying a home at 425-322-9188. In the meantime, here’s what Jessica had to say about her work.

What do you love most about being a buyers agent? 

I love the opportunity to educate my clients and play a key role in one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make. The trust clients give to me is not something I take for granted! I believe in providing my clients a real, raw, and honest approach to home buying. I like to simplify the process as best I can and guide them through every step. Handing keys to clients on closing day is so incredibly rewarding for me!

Can you tell us a specific story about a specific client(s)’s buying process and how they found their dream home? 

I currently have clients that have been on a long, long journey to find their dream home. They have trusted not only me but also the whole team to guide them and meet their real estate needs. 

We’ve been able to sell one of their homes successfully. Recently, we also found them a home that they both love and can continue to grow in for many years to come. Patience and persistence is key!

What is a specific experience where you “failed” but learned from the experience and moved forward? (As Margaret says, a fail-forward moment. 🙂 )

I believe wholeheartedly in owning those “fail-forward” moments, whether they’re personal or in business. One time, a client wrote a negative email about their disappointment in how I represented them regarding a specific instance in their real estate process. I personally invest a lot into every client experience, so I took this feedback to heart, feeling like I had somehow failed my clients. 

Ultimately, we were able to work through these issues with the client and gain valuable understanding about their perspective. I immediately knew where I had to implement change in my own processes and work. I am forever grateful for this feedback, because it helped shape me into a better agent. 

It’s so hard to own up to moments like that—thank you for your honesty! What do you wish more homebuyers knew before starting the process of finding a home?

When clients are on the fence about buying, I can never stress enough that it’s never too early to seek guidance from a lender. The sooner you understand your financial situation, the sooner we can implement a plan of action. And the closer we are to finding your next home!

Thank you so much, Jessica! If you’re interested in working with Jessica or with other members of the Pickett Street team, make sure to attend the homebuyers class tomorrow, September 7th at 10am. To chat right away with Pickett Street, call 425) 502-5397 or email


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