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New: Real Estate Is About People: Pickett Street’s IG: You Series

Posted on Aug 30, 2019

As much as we love fascinating architecture, innovative remodeling, and gorgeous design, real estate is really more about the people than the properties. As we’ve mentioned once or twice before, Pickett Street values individuals and their unique real estate dreams, goals, and stories.  Let’s talk about Pickett Street’s IG: You Series

Pickett Street also values consistency in quality for their clients and followers. One of the ways they demonstrate these values is through their Instagram’s Instagram:You series. Every Monday, the team’s Instagram stories features an interview with someone from their community.

Catch the IG: You series every Monday on Pickett Street’s Instagram. For more about the real estate world and working with Pickett Street to buy or sell a home, contact them at or (425) 502-5397. 

Below are a few highlights from IG: You’s guests.

1. Mari Wuellner

Mari is a lifestyle coach and speaker who recently launched The Living on Purpose podcast. Eight years ago, after realizing that she was going through the motions of life with no sense of real direction, Mari decided to start her own life coaching business. Margaret loves helping her life coaching clients “break down walls & build up trust so that we can live the life of our dreams.”

2. Stephanie Perry Brackett

Not only does Stephanie work as a coach and certified BE A BOSS trainer, she is also the Director of Operations for the Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This lifestyle sounds like it requires superhuman levels of energy, which is part of what makes Stephanie’s story so fascinating. Stephanie loves elevating and supporting administrators in real estate. Her big “why” is her family.

3. Chelsea Rose

Chelsea owns Wildwood Yoga Studio in Granite Falls, Washington. Her interest in yoga and healing arose when she suffered from kidney failure in high school. Chelsea says, “I was confident that if my skin can heal after a serious cut, I could create a healing environment for my insides.”

4. Jered Burton

After 17 years in the hair industry—which includes advanced training in New York, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle—Jered is a hair stylist hero. He works at Headlines Salon in Seattle’s University Village as a stylist, color expert, and educator. Jered’s IG: You interview discusses his move from small town life to training in big cities across the country in order to pursue his dreams.

For more inspiring stories, be sure to follow Pickett Street’s Instagram, where they provide weekly news updates, links, and profiles for the real estate industry and beyond. And finally, reach out directly to the team at or (425) 502-5397 to start writing your own inspiring story.

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