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New: It’s About You: You’re the Hero in this Story

Posted on Aug 3, 2018

You may have noticed that Pickett Street does things a little differently. They are both technologically-savvy and experienced. They prioritize creative, innovative thinking. And they encourage bold ideas and love helping their clients pursue their dreams, no matter how big. For evidence of this, check out their most recent listing, which is an actual blueberry farm. I’m not sure real estate can get much more more charming or dreamier than that.

If you’re ready to talk to the team about your unique real estate goals, give them a call at (425) 502-5397 or shoot them an email at In the meantime, I recently chatted with Director of Operations Margaret Smith to find out exactly what makes them so special.

1. How is Pickett Street different than other real estate companies?

Pickett Street Properties is a team of experts committed to revolutionizing real estate. “We believe that the single real estate model is broken; there are too many details to be entrusted to any one singular person during the course of a transaction. We believe that the team model is better equipped to represent buyers and sellers in this marketplace.”

Margaret explained that the average real estate agent closes 4-8 transactions per year. Over the past five years, Pickett Street has closed an average of 130 transactions per year. Due to this high number, Pickett Street is able to track the market quickly and effectively and thus educate their clients with timely information.

Margaret adds, “Beyond real estate, we are a company that believes in encouraging the personal development of our team members, building authentic relationships, and pushing each other to be our best professional selves.” These values are evident in everything from the Pickett Street interview process, to team meetings, to reading requirements, to team events and parties.

2. What is the MREA model?

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) model aims to provide the highest level of customer service for Pickett Street’s clients. As the title of this blog mentions, it’s about you!  You’re the hero in our story. Instead of one Agent who does ten things (like marketing, managing finances, working with buyers/sellers/investors, ordering supplies, answering phone calls/voicemails, etc.), they have ten Agents who each do one thing. As a result of this focused dedication and teamwork, each Agent does their one thing very well.

3. So, what does everybody do?

Here’s the breakdown:

Administrative Department (Command Central): Margaret Smith and Sarah Troske are dedicated to the heroes (clients) in our story. They build systems, create efficiencies, and ensure that the business runs smoothly. They work with marketing, finances, social media branding, hiring, statistics, office supplies, database work, paperwork, office supplies, mailings, etc. They are there to be the glue, and they stick to everything.

Listing Department: The Listing Team works with clients that are selling their home. Their focus is to help our heroes get the most money for their asset, efficiently and as stress free as possible. The Lead Listing Agent meets with the client to run through our services. The Listing Coordinator works with the photographer, stager, and manages paperwork, offers, and negotiations- all the way to closing day.

Buyers Department: The Buyers Team works with buyers to help them find the home of their dreams. They conduct these free consultations in order to get to know the buyers’ real estate needs and visions. They set up searches on the MLS, write offers, negotiate, set up inspections, and get the buyer to a successful closing day.

Pickett Street focuses on residential real estate for all buyers, including investors and luxury clients. The team values Agents who are experts in their specialty, professional, innovative, resourceful, and authentic. I can vouch for this last value, as Pickett Streets seems to do everything–whether it’s a home buyers class or volunteer work–with enormous joy.

Margaret puts it this way: “Yes, Pickett Street sells houses. But that’s just a byproduct. We’re a team of individuals that have committed to ‘doing life together’, and we do so with passion and curiosity.”

Get in touch with Pickett Street today, and be the hero in our next story: (425) 502-5397 or

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