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  • In Need of Self-Care? Check Out These 6 Easy Seattle Hikes

    April 8, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    How is everyone doing? After a long winter, I’m feeling a bit—well—stale. As usual, the wet and frigid weather made it harder to get outside and exercise, and easier to sit inside under piles of blankets and binge Netflix. With more rain on this week’s forecast, it seems we’ve reached that inevitable point in Pacific Northwest winters where energy levels sag and irritability levels rise.  If you’ve been feeling a bit down, restless, or stressed lately, it might be time to get outside. More and more studies reveal how crucial exercise is for mental health; recently, Yale and Oxford researchers discovered that exercise makes people happier than money. Plus, a recent study from the University of Michigan reports that a 20-minute walk in nature can significantly lower your stress levels.  Luckily, rain has never stopped Washingtonians from getting outside and enjoying themselves—all it takes are some waterproof athletic shoes and a good rain jacket. So, to help us all get moving and enjoy the Northwest’s natural beauty, here are some of the best hikes within an hour or less of the Seattle area. 1. Discovery Park If you’re looking for a quick mid-week or weekend escape, you can find this…Read more

  • What to Know About Seattle’s New Upzones

    April 1, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    The Seattle area has experienced record growth lately. Given that this area provides such a rich quality of life, this growth is not surprising at all. However, Seattle has also grown quite crowded; in 2017, about 92 percent of Seattle home sales involved multiple bidders. This hot real estate market cooled and stabilized in 2018, with just 21 percent of Seattle home sales involving multiple bidders. This cooling means that it buying a home in Seattle should be significantly easier this spring than in past seasons. Additionally, just last week Seattle passed new upzoning laws, which allow the city to increase housing affordability. While Seattleites remain divided regarding whether or not these upzones will actually create positive growth, many people can agree that they’re at least a start. Here’s what you need to know about Seattle’s new plans for upzones. Also, as always, reach out to Pickett Street ( or 425-502-5397) if you still have unanswered questions about real estate in the Puget Sound area. 1. Denser construction These new zoning laws will allow developers to build more in 27 neighborhoods around the city, including Ballard, University, Green Lake, Wallingford, Capital Hill, and Rainier Beach. The city council hopes that…Read more

  • Why a Seattle-Area Home Is the Healthiest Investment

    March 22, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    When it comes to the healthiest cities in the U.S., WalletHub’s 2019 survey ranks Seattle as second. This high ranking results from the city’s expansive green spaces, high quality food, levels of physical activity, and health care system. Seattle is also the most educated city in the U.S; around 63 percent of city residents age 25 and older have a four-year college degree. In addition to WalletHub, Fabric, a life insurance company, ranks both Bellevue and Seattle as two of the top 15 healthiest cities in the country. This survey takes into account sleep, mental health, physical health, health insurance coverage, smoking and drinking rates, and obesity levels. Seattle-area residents know that this healthy ranking also comes from the fresh salty air, the gorgeous views, and the second best coffee in the country. So, are you ready to buy a home in the Puget Sound area? If so, Pickett Street is ready to support you ( or 425-502-5397). Their next free home buyers class on April 6th will educate you on the home buying process from start to finish. Come prepared to enjoy breakfast and learn about loan and financing options, down payment options, and the current real estate market.…Read more

  • The 411: The PNW Operations Retreat

    March 18, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Every year, Pickett Street’s Admin Department (aka Command Central) organize the PNW Operations Retreat. This 3 day retreat focuses on building community and helping fellow admin professionals realize their value and full potential, in order to disrupt the real estate industry in positive ways. This year’s retreat, happening April 4-7, is particularly special. Three major speakers will share their stories: Gary John Bishop, author of Unfuck Yourself, Tyler Schmitt, Executive Assistant to entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk, and En-may Mangels, Strategic Intuitive Advisor. If you’re interested in the retreat, reach out to Margaret at #206-228-5067 or Also, I was able to chat more about this event with Pickett Street’s Director of Operations Margaret Smith and Team Admin, Sarah Troske. Here’s what they had to say. 1.    Okay—I've been hearing a lot of hype about this Operations Retreat! What is it? Who's it for? Margaret: My goal with this retreat is to show admin just how powerful they can be through persistence, hard work, and networking. Many admin are afraid of talking to their team leaders/bosses about what they want or think they deserve. Thus, much of this retreat is about personal development.  By working on ourselves…Read more

  • Seattle Real Estate Forecast: Spring 2019

    March 12, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    I don’t want to jinx it. But, with this week’s forecast of warmer temperatures looking—dare I say —downright cheery and spring-like, the real estate market is gearing up for its traditionally busier season. However, while the Seattle area was home to a hot real estate market between about 2016 and the early part of 2018, this frenzied activity has now cooled and stabilized somewhat. Here’s what you need to know about the area’s real estate market for spring 2019. 1. Home prices dropped... In February, Seattle’s home prices dropped to the lowest point in two years, resulting in prices that were around $116,000 less than last spring’s prices. Mike Rosenberg of the Seattle Times reported that, since the peak of the hot housing market in spring 2018, home prices “dropped a total of 16 percent in the last eight months.” 2. Then home prices bounced back up... ...just when you think you’ve got it figured out! Over the past several weeks, prices have risen again. One can almost hear the Seattle real estate market reveling in its unpredictability and cackling at all the eager home buyers who have been waiting for prices to drop. Prices rose around $45,000, which Rosenberg…Read more

  • Community Highlights: Chelsea Rose

    March 11, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same.  In this highlight we are excited to share about Chelsea Rose, Owner of Wildwood Yoga Studio! Here’s her story:   I began my practice of yoga when I was 16. I was just getting better from my right kidney mysteriously shutting down, planting me in Children's hospital. I became captivated with how the body functions. I was confident that if my skin can heal after a serious cut, I could create a healing environment for my insides. I became enthralled by the mind and body connection. Phantom limbs and how you can itch the air where the limb was and the need to itch will stop. Nuero linguistic programming and how our thoughts create our reactions and the subconscious ultimately controls us. Yoga always seemed to creep up as a healing, enlightening practice. Helping the mind and body become more unified. So I gave it a shot. It was challenging however I felt better after each class I took. I realized when situations in life got uncomfortable I would take deep breathes, which I learned in yoga class.…Read more

  • Let There Be Light: Spring Home Design in Seattle

    March 1, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Happy March 1st! The quality of light is changing—it’s clearer and less grey now, perhaps—and the days stretch longer. Can anyone else feel the slow shift? At this point in the winter, I always long for spring’s lighter days. This season also, of course, signals cleaning and renewing—whether this means letting go of your entire home and entering the market to buy a new one, renovating your current spot, or simply (or not so simply) Marie Kondo-ing your wardrobe. With the cozy grey weather, Pacific Northwest homes often center around maximizing light. According to Neil Kelly interior designer Diane Foreman, the area’s gray skies and evergreens results in Northwest light that “tends to bring out the green and blue tones in a color.” To balance this, she uses “softer, warmer whites and grays in cabinetry and wall colors.” To celebrate the coming spring, let’s dive into some house design joy, shall we? I’ve assembled a few of dreamy home renovations that maximize natural light. 1. Urban Minimalism in Queen Anne With the cozy grey weather, Pacific Northwest homes often center around maximizing light. This property in Queen Anne is no exception—designer Mary Burgess updated the dark original space to one…Read more

  • Real Estate Investing and Island Hopping in Edmonds

    February 22, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    While Seattle and the state’s other cities certainly offer tech-savvy, cosmopolitan vibes, Washington State is also home to so many lovely little tucked-away corners. Ideally located on the Puget Sound in between Seattle and Everett, Edmonds is the perfect hub for island-hopping and commuting. This small town boasts incredible Puget Sound views, an artsy community, and easy access to several nearby tourist destinations. Consequently, Pickett Street’s newest listing in Edmonds holds so much potential. This 7-unit multi-family building offers you the opportunity to invest in real estate and create passive income in an optimal location. I have to admit—I’m jealous of the lucky buyer who lands this gem! Call Pickett Street’s Jesse Moore today (425-502-5397) to chat more about this property. In the meantime, you can read more about Edmonds’ charm and the listing below. The Listing All units feature two bedrooms, one bathroom, and laundry machines, a cozy kitchen and living room. The parking lot can fit 14 vehicles and includes four carport spots and additional storage for each unit. For commuters, a fifteen-minute drive from these units takes you to the Lynnwood Transit Center. The Edmonds-Kingston ferry terminal is also 15 minutes away. The property is also a…Read more

  • Community Highlights: Jered Burton

    February 18, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same. In this highlight we are excited to share about Jered Burton, a Master Hairstylist in the Seattle area! Here’s his story:   It’s kind of funny actually- the story of beginning my career. So I was born in Northern MN in the 80’s. We didn’t have a lot of money and we lived in the middle of nowhere. Consequently, it was about a 45 minute bus ride to kindergarten... every day. I rode that bus with a few other kids, one of which was my cousin, Amber. She would often get on the school bus each morning and her mother would have French Braided pigtails into her hair. The thing was Amber had bangs, and her mom (my aunt) would manage to braid them back into the style so that her forehead was exposed and I didn’t like it. So for weeks I would take my water bottle out of my backpack and (with her permission) wet her bangs down and move them foreword over her forehead. Finally, one day I got home from school and my mom sat…Read more

  • Love in Seattle: 9 Ideas for Romance and Fun

    February 15, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Though Valentine’s Day was yesterday, it’s still, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable to celebrate and gorge on chocolate throughout the weekend. How are you celebrating love this week? I splurged on an $8 chew for my dog that he ate in approximately 30 seconds, passed out chocolates to my undergraduate students to soften the fact that their papers are due next week, and scooped up all the dog poop in the yard so that my husband didn’t have to—a sign of true love. If you’re still looking for some good ideas for going out in Seattle with your love, your loves, or yourself, read on for the best romantic and fun spots. For Adults: 1. Canon I’ll start with my husband and I’s personal favorite. In 2014, this bar won a spot on the list of best cocktail bars in the world. In 2017, Canon won another prestigious award for the best spirits collection in the world. Despite all of these fancy awards, however, the bar maintains a down-to-earth, cozy vibe with dim lighting and reasonable cocktail prices. Get there early—there’s almost always a wait to squeeze into this small, intimate space. 2. The Octopus Bar With nearly 200 Yelp…Read more

  • Snowmageddon: Last Minute Tips For A Snug Home This Weekend

    February 8, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    As I sit here writing this from Colorado, I can’t help but laugh bitterly as I read about the winter snow storm hitting the Seattle area this weekend.   Nearly a foot of snow also dumped on Denver this past week. And because I am still a Washingtonian at heart, I eagerly checked my phone approximately once every five minutes to see if the campuses where I teach had issued any campus closures.   But no—as soon as it began to snow, Colorado’s battalion of snowplows came out in full force and merrily and efficiently cleared the streets as soon as a mere half inch had gathered. “Campus will remain open today!” the University of Colorado tweeted. “More snow and below-freezing temps in the forecast, so bundle up!”   Bundle up, indeed. I can’t help feeling envious of my loved ones in the Seattle area right now as I watch the school closure alerts rolling in. (Here’s The Seattle Times’ list of closures and cancellations.) “How’s the snow storm coming?” I texted my mom earlier this morning. “Nothing yet!” she replied. “But the grocery store yesterday was as busy as at Christmas! SO EXCITED.”   However, despite my envy at…Read more

  • Community Highlights: Lowrider Baking Company

    February 4, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same. In this highlight we are excited to share about Lowrider Baking Company out of Seattle, WA. Here is Emily's story: I was a pastry chef before starting Lowrider and it has been my childhood dream to own my own bakery. I started Lowrider in May 2017 and up until October 2018, we have just done farmer's markets, pop-ups, catering, and wholesale. We opened the trailer in October 2018, which has been great because we can now be open year-round. I have always been a very self-motivated person, but when I do look for inspiration I love to watch Chef's Table on Netflix or listen to How I Built This on NPR. Baking is my passion and cookies are my favorite baked treat to eat so starting a cookie shop made sense. I love creating new flavors and recipes. My mission is to make the best cookies in the city. My favorite quote is: "People who love to eat are always the best people." -Julia Child Lowrider Baking Company is open on Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 11am-4pm. Go check…Read more