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New: Get Self-Actualized: Become the Most You Can Be With Finely Clicked Coaching

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Get Self-Actualized: Become the Most You Can Be With Finely Clicked Coaching

After years of answering questions from and providing guidance for other real estate admin, agents, and rainmakers, Margaret Smith and Jesse Moore decided they should make it official with their brand new coaching program. Both Margaret and Jesse are extremely passionate about building businesses and helping people set and crush their personal and professional goals. With personalized attention through in-person, phone, or Zoom meetings, Finely Clicked Coaching works with you to: 

  • build a strategic partnership

  • change your mindset and get inspired

  • create social media strategy and presence

  • host client events

  • build out your operations manual

  • optimize your work environment

  • design marketing and branding strategies

  • cultivate a voice for your company

  • etc., etc., etc.!

To learn more about coaching, and to hear Jesse’s hilarious British accent, listen to the latest episode of the podcast Finely Clicked. To work with Margaret and Jesse, contact Margaret at 206.228.5067 or Or, to work with the rest of the Pickett Street team, reach out to them at (425) 502-5397 or

In honor of Margaret and Jesse’s coaching practice, here’s why personal development and setting goals is important to thrive in not only your career but in all other aspects of life.

Maslow’s Hierarchy 

In the 1950s, the psychologist Abraham Maslow devised a theory about humans’ basic needs. HI theory is typically represented in a pyramid form with necessities like food, shelter, and sleep at the bottom, followed by personal security and health, followed by friendship, family, and intimacy, followed by self-esteem and status. The very top of the pyramid is self-actualization, which is “the desire to become the most that one can be.”

What’s fascinating about Maslow, however, is that he never actually thought of his theory as a triangle. In fact, he saw the basic needs as a more harmonious circle, rather than a hierarchy. 

According to psychologist Scott Berry Kaufman, “Maslow’s emphasis was less on a rigid hierarchy of needs, and more on the notion that self-actualized people are motivated by health, growth, wholeness, integration, humanitarian purpose, and the ‘real problems of life.’” 

In short, self-actualization is deeply connected to our other basic needs as humans and is more important to our survival than many of us realize.

What Does It Mean to Be Self-Actualized? 

Self-actualization often includes self-acceptance, authenticity, equanimity, a sense of purpose, a creative spirit, and a genuine desire to help people and the world. 

These traits can manifest in countless different ways, depending on the individual. The most important thing is that a self-actualized individual feels like they have truly accepted themselves as they are and like they are able to harness their creative energy in a way that feels fulfilling and rewarding. 

Why Is Self-Actualization and Goal-Setting Important? 

So many reasons. First, as Forbes reports in  2019 article, setting goals can drastically improve one’s focus. “The actions you take—or avoid,” business leader Jeff Boss writes, “offer clues about your values, beliefs, challenges, strengths and weaknesses, which allow you to course correct as necessary and reset your goal achievement strategy (and subsequently, your focus).”

Second, setting goals can help you trigger behavior and build momentum, which helps you achieve more. Boss asserts that “having a clear, compelling goal mobilizes your focus toward actionable behavior.” Additionally, seeing your own progress is “literally addicting because of the dopamine released in your brain after attaining a reward.” 

How Do I Self-Actualize?

Research studies about goal setting and self-actualization report that, in order to motivate someone, a goal needs to be both specific and challenging. 

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure about how to set goals for yourself, or even what kinds of goals you need to set, reach out to Margaret and Jesse. As Margaret says, “When you do coaching with me, you’re going to move a hell of a lot faster…because I don’t stand for non execution!” 

Another characteristic of self-actualized people happens to be the belief that we are all in this together and can help each other be the best we can possibly be. Reach out to Pickett Street at (425) 502-5397 or


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