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  • Best Seattle Suburbs of 2019

    August 13, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    City living is a special experience—there’s nothing like waking up and shuffling downstairs to your favorite coffee shop, or taking a ten-minute Uber ride on a Friday night to find yourself in the middle of some of Seattle’s hottest nightlife.  However, it’s no secret that cities like Seattle can be quite expensive, which forces many Seattlites to sacrifice living space for those urban cosmopolitan vibes. According to Seattle Magazine and Zillow, “almost 50 percent of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, and they’re choosing larger properties with more bang for their buck, paying a median price of $217,000 for a home that is about 1,800 square feet.” For those of you who want to live close to Seattle while enjoying a quieter, more spacious lifestyle, we’ve assembled a list below of the best Seattle suburbs (check out Seattle Magazine for a more complete list). Before you read on, reach out to Pickett Street at or (425) 502-5397 so that the team can help you find the perfect home. 1. Best Burb for Walkable Downtown: Kirkland If you crave a pedestrian-centric city with access to amenities, Edmonds, Sumner, or Kirkland might be just the place. Kirkland sits on the north…Read more

  • Don’t Let Fear or Excuses Hold You Back: A Conversation With Sarah Troske

    August 6, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    After nearly five years as the Team Administrator and Transaction Coordinator at Pickett Street, Sarah Troske is moving on to pursue her dreams of working as a personal trainer and bodybuilder. Read more about how she started bodybuilding here—her story will make you forget every excuse you’ve ever made. Sarah works as a personal trainer and gym administrator at Pure Results Fitness Center in Lynnwood, WA. Good news—if you’re interested in training with her, your first session is free! Call or text Sarah at 425-275-7522 to book an appointment, and email her with any questions at Hi Sarah! What did you enjoy most about working at Pickett Street, and what will you miss? What I enjoyed most wasn't what I actually did, but who I did it for. I loved being part of a team who supported me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me grow personally and professionally. I will miss going to the office (Command Central) every day, meeting weekly with the team, talking with Mo during our weekly goal meetings, hearing the bell ring every time we make an appointment, and hearing Jesse laugh. What I will miss most is the people. Without…Read more

  • Five Pieces of Good News From Seattle

    July 29, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Technology has given us radical levels of instant, exciting connection. However, with so much going on in the world, reading / listening to / watching / skimming through the news every day can feel a little overwhelming.  So, to help you start your week in a positive mood, here are five good things currently happening in the Seattle area. 1. A Kirkland startup aims to reduce food waste. According to the USDA, Americans throw away 32 billion pounds of produce every year. Stixfresh, however, has designed a sticker to place on fruit that keeps it fresh longer. This tiny sticker contains wax and naturally-sourced ingredients that “create a protective layer around your fruit.”  Studies have also shown that these stickers also increase the fruit’s sweetness and help it retain moisture and firmness. Buy these magical stickers through their crowdsourcing campaign. 2. A Seattle nonprofit is cleaning up homeless camps. The city of Seattle has been working for years to help its residents who experience homelessness. In general, Washington, Oregon, and California experience higher rates of homelessness than in other areas of the country. Facing Homelessness, based out of Seattle, began as a Facebook page that published individuals’ stories in order…Read more

  • Should You Rent Or Buy in the Seattle Area?

    July 19, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Renting isn’t easy these days. During the second quarter of 2019, the demand for apartments increased by 11% from a year ago, which resulted in a 3% increase for the national average rent.  Business Insider reports that the average rent in Seattle for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,049. If $2,000 for a one-bedroom sounds expensive, that’s because it is. While Seattle apartments do cost less than those in Los Angeles (average rent $2,362) or San Francisco (average rent $3,600—yikes), they still rank among the most expensive rentals in the country. Sorting through all of the information and making the best decision for your individual housing needs can make your head spin. Reach out to Pickett Street’s experts to talk through your living situation and your buying or selling options. Additionally, we’ve laid out a few clear facts below to help you get organized. To rent or to buy: Renting pros: You’ll pay less up front. And one perk about living in this area: a security deposit in Seattle cannot cost more than one month’s rent.  You don’t have to worry about home maintenance. Seattle’s current apartment boom means that there are plenty of apartments available. Renting cons: It’s not a…Read more

  • Summer 2019 Gardening Trends

    July 15, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Doesn’t reading a good thriller in a hammock or enjoying corn salad while sipping one of these cool local drinks on the patio sound amazing?  I recently visited my parents in Gig Harbor and delighted in my stepdad’s gorgeous garden in full bloom, with its shady paths and sprawling flowers and herbs. Since then, I’ve had outdoor living spaces on my mind. If you, too, are curious about cultivating outdoor spaces, here are a few summer gardening trends for 2019. 1. Native, ecologically-friendly gardens The University of Washington Press recently released the third edition of Arthur R. Kruckeberg and Linda Chalker-Scott’s Gardening with Native Plants of the Northwest. The book acts as a guide to the Pacific Northwest’s lush landscapes and native flora; readers will find information about nearly 1,000 trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and grasses.  According to the Seattle Times book review, “Regardless of where you stand on the native/non-native continuum, I think we all can agree that cultivating resilient biodiverse landscapes that support pollinators, wildlife and human habitat is a good thing.”  Country Living UK agrees that planting gardens that thrive in your area’s climate conditions is key. Designer Sue Townsend advises people “to plant the right plants…Read more

  • Investing in Vacant Land

    July 8, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    A few months ago, I chatted with a friend about whether she ever planned to move on from renting to buying her own home.  “What I really want,” she confessed, “is to buy some land outside of the city and build a treehouse on it.” (If you’re curious about what the heck a treehouse residence is, check out these stunning examples from around the world.) Luckily for my friend and for many others who think out of the box, investing in real estate can take many different forms. If purchasing a standard previously constructed house is not for you, consider purchasing a duplex, a condo, a residential or commercial building, a farm, or even vacant land. First, as always, call or email Pickett Street at to talk about your real estate options. The team can walk you through all the options. Then, take a look at the list below of pros and cons for purchasing vacant land. Pros: 1. Owning vacant land as a long-term investment can be more affordable than owning a home. Property taxes and fees are often lower for vacant land than for developed land. Purchasing vacant land is also cheaper up front. Most vacant lots in…Read more

  • Community Highlights: Watershed Pub & Kitchen

    July 3, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same. In this highlight we are excited to share about the Watershed Pub & Kitchen in Northgate, WA. Here is their story: Owner Ben Curran spent over a decade at the Fiddler's Inn in Wedgwood as a bartender, cook and manager, where he developed a passion for craft beer and community while working for Bob Brenlin, who remains a great friend and mentor to Ben and the Watershed Pub family. When Ben and his now wife and Co-Owner Kelsey were starting to talk about marriage they also started talking more seriously about the idea of opening a pub. After one of Ben's regulars at the Fiddler's Inn urged him toward Thornton Place as a potential location, followed by many months of planning and negotiations along with Ben's parents Liz and Craig, the dream solidified and Watershed Pub & Kitchen became a reality.   The Watershed Pub & Kitchen is a family owned, community founded neighborhood pub centered abound craft beer, cider, wine and spirits, wholesome, scratch-made comfort food and genuine hospitality and community. We opened Watershed Pub & Kitchen to…Read more

  • How to Celebrate a Puget Sound Fourth of July

    June 28, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    What are your plans for the Fourth next week? As most Washingtonians know, summer in the Puget Sound is at its best starting right about now. The weather is mostly sunny but not too hot, summer produce is bursting off the vines, restaurants and bars open their patios, and new outdoor events pop up every week. If you’re undecided about how to celebrate the Fourth, here’s a list of Seattle area events. For live music and spectacular fireworks over Lake Union, check out the Seafair Summer Fourth at Gasworks Park. To take part in a welcome ceremony for new U.S. citizens, check out the Seattle Center’s Naturalization Ceremony. I have fond memories of spending the Fourth on the beach in Gig Harbor. My brothers and I used to stuff ourselves with blueberries and chips and soda and flirt with hypothermia as we swam in the freezing water. The Pickett Street team agrees that no matter where you hang out for the holiday, make sure you’re with the people you love. Get in touch with Pickett Street at (425) 502-5397 or Read on for the team's Fourth of July memories. Margaret Smith, Director of Operations “My favorite memory was on…Read more

  • Why You Should Always Hire a Real Estate Agent

    June 24, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Many years ago, I lived and worked in France. I met my husband there, and we love French culture. However, in general, France does not offer the most, ahem, robust customer service. For example, while on our honeymoon, my husband and I arrived in Paris to discover that the airlines had accidentally rerouted our luggage, and our bags were now soaring off across the European continent. “So,” an airport employee explained, “you will definitely receive your bags in 1 to 12 business days.” We stared at him incredulously. “We’re only going to be staying at our hotel for four days...” “Oui, madame. So, you might receive zee bags in time, or you might not.” “We don’t have any other clothes or underwear.” The airport staff gave the infamous Gallic shrug, expressing the fact that—well—all life is suffering, and so what did we expect? I bring up this story to say two things: first, it can be incredibly frustrating to navigate weird bureaucratic systems. And second, I love working with professionals in their element. I love it when someone is so skilled in their field that, unlike during my honeymoon luggage experience, I can leave my worries behind and enjoy the…Read more

  • How to Build a Real Estate Empire By Age 30: A Conversation With Jon Linders

    June 17, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    As a writer, one of my favorite things is to listen to someone else’s story. Pickett Street also shares a love for people and their stories, which is what makes them such a great team. Real estate, after all, comes down to individual stories and relationships, rather than big faceless companies and automated transactions. This past week, I had the opportunity to listen to Jon Linders’ story. In 2012, Jon decided to take advantage of the buyers market and reached out Pickett Street’s lead buyers agent Jillian Farrar. He bought a new three-bedroom townhouse for $230,000 with a 10% down payment. Jon lived there with two friends in order to more quickly pay down his mortgage. After a year, Jon had saved enough to buy a $120,000 condo. In order to save money on property management fees, he managed the property himself. In 2016, he moved out into a 400-square-foot apartment so he could rent both the townhouse and the condo. Finally, in 2018, he used the cash flow from this rental income to buy a two-story, single-family home for $500,000, where he now lives happily with his dog. Here’s what Jon had to say about his experiences. You’re my…Read more

  • Community Highlights: Mackenzie Banta

    June 12, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same. In this highlight we are excited to share about Mackenzie Banta, Owner of Well With Mac. Here is her story: I became a certified health coach after teaching yoga and instructing fitness for a few years because I noticed so many of my clients struggle to reach their health goals with exercise alone. I knew from my independent health studies and my own weight loss journey that exercise is only part of the healthy lifestyle equation, so I went for the extra training to coach behavior change encompassing nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors.  My business is a health coaching business created to facilitate my work helping people transform their lives through nutrition and exercise to create an overall healthier life. My mission is to empower millennial women to heal their bodies from the inside out with balanced and personalized nutrition, functional and fun movement, and transformative coaching. What I love most about what I do is watching people start to love and respect their bodies again. It's not just their bodies that change, it's their mind, their outlook and their expressions. I find…Read more

  • Guide to Farmers Markets

    June 7, 2019 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    What’s on your menu this weekend? Hopefully your meals involve asparagus, raspberries, blueberries, apricots, greens, or any of Washington’s other June produce. I’m currently drooling over this braised pork belly, these short ribs, and these scallops and snap pea risotto. Also, how refreshing does this sparkling summer beverage look? If you don’t have cooking plans yet, you might want to explore one of the Puget Sound area’s many farmers markets. Whether you just moved to your neighborhood, or whether you have been a local for years, perusing farmers markets is one of the best ways to get to know your community. To celebrate the first week of June, here’s Pickett Street’s favorite local farmers markets. Check out the complete list of Washington markets here.   Ballard Farmers Market When: Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., year round Where: Ballard Avenue NW between Vernon Place and 22nd Avenue What makes it special: Ballard was Seattle’s first year-round neighborhood farmers market. In addition to produce, this market offers fresh donuts, flowers, as well as eateries such as Tandoori Naan.   Capitol Hill Farmers Market When: Sundays, year round Where: Broadway Ave E and E Pine Str What makes it special: This market…Read more