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New: Secret Agent Profiles: How Pickett Street’s Experts Can Help You Invest and Earn

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

Secret Agent Profiles: How Pickett Street’s Experts Can Help You Invest and Earn

Real estate is an endlessly exciting arena. While some people believe that once they find their dream home they no longer need to work with a real estate agent, this isn’t true. A good agent can suggest housing hacks to earn you even more money, such as this empty nester investor’s secret, or this duplex investment. A good agent can also help you invest in a second or even third property, so you can make money and work on that early retirement.

Did you know that Pickett Street has three new agents who can help you achieve your real estate investment dreams? You can get started working with them by calling (425) 502-5397 or emailing

In the meantime, here’s a little bit more about each team member and what makes them so good at their jobs.

Jessica Townsel, Buyers Agent and Champion Wealth Builder

Jessica specializes in all aspects of the home buying process and provides as much knowledge as possible for each client. She likes to challenge buyers to think outside the box. According to Jessica, “a traditional single family home isn’t always the smartest and best use of the client’s resources.”

Regarding what she wishes more people knew about real estate, Jessica says, “I believe it was Andrew Carnegie who was quoted as saying ‘Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.’ Personally, the only thing I regret is not making my money work for me earlier.”

When it comes to Jessica’s favorite superhero, she says, “That’s easy! Wonder Woman—she’s a badass.” I couldn’t agree more!

Daniel Wessel: Investor Specialist and Financial Freedom Hero

As an investor advocate, Daniel’s work is particularly unique. He looks for investor opportunities such as single and multi-family rentals, flips, and ground-up construction. He is currently working on his thirteenth residential flip, which gives him an advantage over brokers who have never invested.

Daniel says, “My favorite part about this role is supporting those who want to progress in their financial outlook. I try to model what I support, such as living without debt, establishing a healthy retirement portfolio, and making good choices and having financial discipline, and I love seeing others progress toward their financial freedom goals.”

Daniel suggests ignoring realtors and contractors who exaggerate value or underestimate expense. Find people you trust and hang on to them, and reward them with repeat business.  He adds, “people who have your best interests at heart are golden.” (Like, ahem, Pickett Street…!)

Daniel’s favorite superhero is Black Widow. “I think the shift to female empowerment with female superheroes has been really great,” he says. I like the way you think, Daniel. 

Amanda Condyles: Client Care Specialist and Guardian of Client Wellbeing

Amanda nurtures client relationships. She learns each client’s desires, needs, timeframe, and financial situation; stays in touch with them throughout the real estate process; and connects them with an agent when they’re ready to invest.

Working with Pickett Street means that she knows the team’s agents will thoroughly take care of her clients. “I think it’s the secret sauce of Pickett Street,” Amanda says, “our consistency of service and care.”

If Amanda could shout to the world from a rooftop about real estate, she would say it’s not that complicated to be a real estate investor. “You don’t have to make a ton of money, be a trust fund baby, or have to take care of the property solo,” she says. “Often, we form a lot of ideas around what we think investing in real estate or purchasing a house really means. But it’s actually simple, and we’d love to help you!”

Amanda’s favorite superhero is Spiderman—”He’s an all-around good guy and, after three spider bites in one year, I am a self-proclaimed spiderwoman.”

If you are ready to let these secret agents help you, give them a call at (425) 502-5397 or email them


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