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Paul Burnette

Posted on Mar 3, 2017

8 months after selling with this team, I just bought a place through them…Can’t be said enough how on top of things this team is. I was looking 1st with a friend of mine who’s an agent, but didn’t work out as he just didn’t have the resources. We looked at the same place I ended up buying and he was unable to get any info on it…I spoke to Katie and we went right up to see it, submitted an offer, mutual acceptance within a day…

That’s just a part of what you get with this team – if 1 person doesn’t have the answer for you right away, someone else will…they got me through all the hurdles and issues buying a foreclosed property (which always has issues of 1 kind or another)

I know for a fact if it wasn’t for Katie and her team i wouldn’t have gotten the place I ended up buying…amazing team…thank you guys again and again!

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