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Kara Lumley

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Fred, Jesse, and Margaret did a wonderful job not only managing our short sale but also helping with the harder part – the emotions and frustrations of trying to deal with banks during an unusual transaction. Our house closed quickly- we left the negotiations with the bank to the qualified team, and now we are able to move on with our life which is a relief we have not felt in 5 years (how long we tried to deal with this before involving the professionals at Pickett Street). Something that impressed me about the team was when Fred went on a well-deserved vacation, the team member who filled in for him (Katie) had full knowledge of our situation and was able to keep us up to date with every step. That shows me that the team is collaborative, communicative, and on top of their game.
Thank you Pickett Street and if we ever purchase again, you will be the first agency we call.

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