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Jessica Goecke

Posted on Dec 8, 2016

We are officially owners of a multi-family investment property in Tacoma, and have Pickett Street Properties to thank for it! They have been absolutely amazing – and not just because of the stellar service. It actually all began with Amanda, Pickett Street’s Client Care Rep, who inspired us to look at the great investment opportunities with multi-family properties in Tacoma. The most excellent thing about Pickett Street is that they are true practitioners in their field, which makes them the best kind of experts…the kind that walk the walk. Amanda purchased a multi-family property as an investment in Tacoma and had a great cash flow story to tell. Naturally, I got jealous – er- inspired, and followed her lead. I would not have had the guts to dip my toe into that market without Amanda’s personal experience and supportive advice through the process, so thank you Amanda! I also can’t say enough about the Dreams Division’s service throughout the negotiations and transaction. Katie and Sarah – you were on it! We are so happy with our purchase, and just days after closing, we posted the rental and got a ton of instant interest. So excited! We’re already looking forward to the next purchase, and also looking forward to selling one of our other places early 2017…get ready for us, Jesse.  Love you guys

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