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Clifford Cooper

Posted on Nov 21, 2022

Jillian Farrar was recommended to us by a family member, and it turned out to be the best partnership we could have imagined. We had sold our house in the SF Bay Area with the intent of relocating back to the NW after 45 years of CA living. To say things had changed in those years would have been an understatement, when did Newcastle become a city, or all of these unincorporated areas garner names?! We were not sure when we came up here if we should buy at basically the top of the market, or rent for a period of time to see if the market cooled and prices came down. What this meant was even as we looked around at potential areas to live in, primarily the Eastside but also Pierce County (for housing affordability) we would think about places to rent as well. Jillian had the flexibility and patience to deal with our almost daily change of plans. Through it all she kept us focused on what we had provided as key “must haves” . We went to several houses Jillian gave us leads on, and she coordinated visits to houses we found and thought were good fits. The house we are in now was a place that she coordinated our viewing of as we were coming back from a visit to another house about an hour away. Thanks to Jillian, our new home met our needs, and has so many more attributes. We are in a house that we can age in (no stairs, single floor), upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, move-in condition, a large flat backyard with minimal seasonal maintenance requirements but most importantly within 10 minutes of our first grandchild, the reason we were moving in the first place. Thank you Jillian and the staff at Pickett Street Properties for; as we used to say in business, meeting our specifications and exceeding our expectations.

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