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New: Summer 2019 Gardening Trends

Posted on Jul 15, 2019

Doesn’t reading a good thriller in a hammock or enjoying corn salad while sipping one of these cool local drinks on the patio sound amazing? 

I recently visited my parents in Gig Harbor and delighted in my stepdad’s gorgeous garden in full bloom, with its shady paths and sprawling flowers and herbs. Since then, I’ve had outdoor living spaces on my mind. If you, too, are curious about cultivating outdoor spaces, here are a few summer gardening trends for 2019.

1. Native, ecologically-friendly gardens

The University of Washington Press recently released the third edition of Arthur R. Kruckeberg and Linda Chalker-Scott’s Gardening with Native Plants of the Northwest. The book acts as a guide to the Pacific Northwest’s lush landscapes and native flora; readers will find information about nearly 1,000 trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and grasses. 

According to the Seattle Times book review, “Regardless of where you stand on the native/non-native continuum, I think we all can agree that cultivating resilient biodiverse landscapes that support pollinators, wildlife and human habitat is a good thing.” 

Country Living UK agrees that planting gardens that thrive in your area’s climate conditions is key. Designer Sue Townsend advises people “to plant the right plants for the conditions of each garden, to store water, and to allow excess water to be collected then dissipated through the soil.

2. Miniature wildflower meadows

More gardeners are replacing grass and boggy backyards with rambling beds of wildflowers. Here’s a great list of Washington’s native wildflowers. According to professional gardener Daniel Mount, “There are more than 65 species of lupine native to Pacific Northwest alpine and subalpine meadows, as well as desert conditions east of the Cascades.”

Alex Mitchell of London’s Homes & Property magazine adds that “the secret for plenty of flowers is to start with established meadow turf rather than from seed.” 

3. Solar lights

Whether you have a yard or a small deck, solar lights add a warm glow. But wait, you might be thinking, will solar lights even work in Seattle’s rainy, cloudy weather? Yes—solar energy works even in the Puget Sound area! 

Just keep in mind that, for garden lights specifically, “if there simply isn’t much sunlight to be gathered, even on the roof (for example, you live somewhere like Seattle or Portland), the solar lights will still work, but they won’t shine as brightly or for as long each evening.”

4. Indoors outdoors

To give themselves more living space and to create opportunities to access nature, more folks are allowing their indoor spaces to flow outside. Think shade sails and curtains, comfy outdoor furniture, grills and outdoor ovens, and potted herbs. Also, check out these gorgeous Northwest patios—I admit, these sleek decks and hot tubs make me a little jealous…

For more garden inspiration, here’s a bright, detailed Bellevue garden and this urban flower farm

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