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New: Are You Pickett Street’s Next Superhero Agent?

Posted on Apr 22, 2019

Pickett Street is growing! The team currently seeks sale agents who are highly driven, self-motivated, and committed to personal development, team players, self-managers, and who have a trajectory of success. 

If you believe that you fit into this criteria, email your resume to The group interview is May 1st, and there are still 10 spots available. After screening your resume, if accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with details on the group interview’s location and time 

In the meantime, here are a few more reasons why Pickett Street is such a unique place to work.

1. They ooze creativity.

Due to the team’s energy and innovation, Pickett Street stands out from other similar work environments. A few examples of this creativity: Margaret Smith and Jesse ’s podcast Finely Clicked, which discusses everything from real estate to healthy business practices to ASMR and whiskey (yes, this podcast is just as informative, silly, and awesome as it sounds).

Pickett Street loves other forms of out-of-the-box thinking, too. From helping clients find off-market homes to providing free, monthly home buyers classes, the team loves anything that gets people excited about real estate and life. 

Check out their latest event—a house hacking workshop about how Margaret used the FHA203K Loan to do a $23,000 rehab on her first home.

2. They value healthy, happy employees. 

While working and commuting these days, it’s easy to feel depleted, like an automaton without any life outside of work. If you need proof, however, of Pickett Street’s commitment to personal development and wellbeing in the workplace, just check out Finely Clicked—in a recent episode, Jesse discusses with Margaret when and where she will take her next vacation in order to recharge from work. 

Additionally, the team holds an annual Operations Retreat for real estate admin that focuses on personal and professional development. This year’s retreat included speakers Gary John Bishop, author of Unfuck Yourself, Tyler Schmitt, and En-may Mangels. 

As Margaret tells the retreaters, “You are more powerful than you realize!”

3. They cultivate real connection.

It’s no joke that Americans’ stress levels are rising and their sense of community is decreasing. It can be difficult to find a career that provides a true sense of community these days. The Pickett Street team, however, genuinely enjoys spending time together, working, growing, and exploring. 

And they work extremely hard to maintain this tight-knit community through retreats, healthy communication, and other activities. One of the team’s many community-building practices is 411 meetings, where they can set goals and check in with each other.

Margaret states, “When you work with us, it’s not just about “the work.” It’s about life, and we drive people to make improvements in their personal lives as well. So we’re always reading a book together as a team. Right now we’re reading Contagious Culture by Anese Cavanaugh.”

In a nutshell, Pickett Street loves people, creative thinking, personal and professional drive, and—well, life! If this passionate community sounds like the professional home you’ve been waiting for, don’t hesitate to reach out to, with your resume or with questions for the team.

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