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New: Why a Seattle-Area Home Is the Healthiest Investment

Posted on Mar 22, 2019

When it comes to the healthiest cities in the U.S., WalletHub’s 2019 survey ranks Seattle as second. This high ranking results from the city’s expansive green spaces, high quality food, levels of physical activity, and health care system. Seattle is also the most educated city in the U.S; around 63 percent of city residents age 25 and older have a four-year college degree.

In addition to WalletHub, Fabric, a life insurance company, ranks both Bellevue and Seattle as two of the top 15 healthiest cities in the country. This survey takes into account sleep, mental health, physical health, health insurance coverage, smoking and drinking rates, and obesity levels.

Seattle-area residents know that this healthy ranking also comes from the fresh salty air, the gorgeous views, and the second best coffee in the country.

So, are you ready to buy a home in the Puget Sound area? If so, Pickett Street is ready to support you ( or 425-502-5397).

Their next free home buyers class on April 6th will educate you on the home buying process from start to finish. Come prepared to enjoy breakfast and learn about loan and financing options, down payment options, and the current real estate market.

If you’re interested in learning more about Seattle’s current health trends, read on.

1. Over 80% of Seattle adults engage in physical activity.

Seattle has the highest percentage of physically active adults and the third highest number of running trails per capita in the country. The area’s penchant for exercise might be due to its natural beauty—moving your body and enjoying the outdoors is easy when you live somewhere as gorgeous as Washington.

Washington State is also known for its excellent running trails. Many locals attribute the area’s tight-knit running culture to the now-legendary Seattle Running Company. For scenic trail runs both outside of and within the city, avid runners recommend Rattlesnake Ledge, Chuckanut Ridge, Discovery Park, Ravenna Park, and Tiger Mountain.

2. Washington offers residents quality health care.

US News reports that Washington is the second best state in the country for health care, behind only Hawaii (which I feel has a slightly unfair advantage…I mean, come on, it’s Hawaii!). This high ranking results from Washington’s excellent public health, as well as its health care quality and residents’ access to health services.

3. The food…need we say more?

Seattle has a long-standing reputation for offering some of the best food in the country. In addition to its high-quality produce, Washington is also home to excellent seafood, wine and beer, and, of course, coffee. Take it from me—you’ve never experienced salmon until you’ve enjoyed it freshly caught and christened with lemon around a summer bonfire on the Puget Sound.

Moral of the story: buying a home in the Puget Sound area might be one of the best investments for your health and happiness. Get in touch with Pickett Street at or 425-502-5397 to talk to them about your options this spring. Finally, remember to stop by the team’s free home buyers class on Saturday, April 6th.

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