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New: Community Highlights: Chelsea Rose

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same.  In this highlight we are excited to share about Chelsea Rose, Owner of Wildwood Yoga Studio! Here’s her story:


I began my practice of yoga when I was 16. I was just getting better from my right kidney mysteriously shutting down, planting me in Children’s hospital. I became captivated with how the body functions. I was confident that if my skin can heal after a serious cut, I could create a healing environment for my insides. I became enthralled by the mind and body connection. Phantom limbs and how you can itch the air where the limb was and the need to itch will stop. Nuero linguistic programming and how our thoughts create our reactions and the subconscious ultimately controls us. Yoga always seemed to creep up as a healing, enlightening practice. Helping the mind and body become more unified. So I gave it a shot. It was challenging however I felt better after each class I took. I realized when situations in life got uncomfortable I would take deep breathes, which I learned in yoga class. After 3 years of practicing I decided I was going to get certified.


I traveled to Bali, Indonesia in 2010 and submerged myself in yoga. Landing me in Australia afterwards where I got my first teaching job. Upon missing my family I ventured back to Washington State. Accepting a job at Hot Yoga of Mill Creek where I taught and eventually managed for 6 years. I ran a non-profit that went to low-income high schools and taught yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques. Upon my mom passing of cancer, adopting my niece, and nephew and then getting pregnant I closed the non-profit and opened a yoga studio in Granite Falls.


Wildwood Yoga Studio, it’s a watering hole. A safe comfortable community that works on improving themselves and the world around them. Wildwood also works with the alternative high school to give the teens free yoga, single moms on a budget, and give away free classes to those who can’t afford it. I’ve heard countless healing stories; it’s hard to not want to get everyone to practice yoga. The inspiration I get comes from the amazing students and seeing them over come obstacles on and off their mats. I believe everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident in their body. I believe health is a lifestyle and when you are healthy you have the ability to be truly happy.  


My favorite quote is: “If you don’t believe in miracles perhaps you’ve forgotten you are one.” -unknown 



Chelsea Rose


Connect with Chelsea Rose and Wildwood Yoga Studio:


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