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New: What’s Your Word for the Year?

Posted on Dec 31, 2018

What’s Your Word for the Year?
By Margaret Smith, Director of Operations for Pickett Street

In 2018 my word was “Relentless”. I don’t give up and I’m relentless in my pursuit of fulfilling my purpose. 

The word came to me in May of 2018- so it wasn’t something that I intentionally chose to do before the New Year rolled around, I just realized it was what I was doing. This year I’m making a point of selecting my word for the year ahead of time, with intention. 

Definition of Relentless:

Showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace. 

My friend Jessica and I used to say “We’re not smart, we just work really hard”. That was our perspective in high school, and I still stand firm with it for the most part. I do believe I’m intelligent, but I also believe I don’t know everything. Nothing comes easily to me- I work really hard for everything I have in my life: my duplex, my career, my family, friends and passion to grow and become the next iteration of myself.
What you see on social media is all true, and I work hard to try and show the journey as well- but there’s no way I can share the hours, days and nights I put into my projects and side hustles. 

2018 was a year of growth for me both personally and professionally. 

RELENTLESS became my word for the year because I had to be relentless in order to make it happen. Things don’t always go smoothly, or as planned, sometimes you have to be ready to try, try and TRY again. 

Moments where RELENTLESS came into play:

February: I moved into my duplex in Everett, WA after a $240,000 remodel – going $21,000 over budget. There were mistakes made, things found in the house, and I took probably over 80 trips to Home Depot over the 9 month remodel. Every bit of it was worth it, that house is mine through and through- and I love it. I had to be relentless in my pursuit despite fear.

April: found a tenant for the downstairs unit! Within 5 minutes I knew she would be an amazing fit. Her energy was and is joyful. It took me a few weeks to find the right fit.

April: hosted the 2nd Annual PNW Operations Retreat and got to spend time with 29 other amazing Admin, while having the opportunity to meet:

Jim Sorenson, Director of Program Development for Fierce, INC. 
Monique Helstrom, Chief of Simon Sinek.
Stacey Adams, VP of Programming for ABC.

When I’m in the midst of planning this retreat and I don’t yet have speakers identified- I have to be sure to find people that I know will resonate with the attendees. I have to be relentless in my pursuit of massive speakers. Every no just brings me that much closer to a YES.

May: proposed a budget for and built out the Keller Williams Bothell Studio with the help of two savvy and kind AV guys 🙂 

I am a photographer but have little to zero experience with audio. I tend to put things off if I don’t know how to approach them. Finally- I just started asking questions and putting together a list of supplies. Once I get going- I am relentless. The studio was proposed, funded and built by August!

September: celebrated 6 years at Pickett Street, the longest tenure I’ve had at any company. This is perhaps the best example I have for how relentless I can be. There are many instances over the last 6 years where countless people would have given up. I don’t give up easily. Through miscommunication, arguments, tears and coaching- I’m still here, and I’m grateful. 

October: started our podcast, Finely Clicked. By far, one of my favorite things from this year! Again- I had no idea how to produce a podcast. I built the studio, created a checklist, and got to recording! I created an intro with music from a client of ours- and we started plugging away! So fun and such a perfect platform where people can learn from our mistakes. 

October: started meditating and following the Miracle Morning routine- this has altered my life, for good. I had pushed back against meditation for so long- now, I can’t stop. I’m diving headfirst into as much reading and research I can find about it- and realizing just how much my brain is capable of.

October: started planning and reaching out to speakers for the 2019 PNW Operations Retreat- and came to realize, WOW, this will be THE most EPIC year yet. 

I knew you were wondering 🙂
INTENTION & INTUITION are my words for 2019. 
With meditation came more of a focus on my intuition- that magical, indescribable, can’t quite describe it – and do you believe in it? Yup, that word. And I do. 

Everything around my intuition gives me the chills, in the best way possible. 

Stay tuned, something tells me 2019 will be my best year yet.

Margaret (Mo) Smith
Director of Operations

*What’s your word for the year? Comment on this blog post or on our Facebook post with it! We would love to know!

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