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New: Pickett Street’s Favorite Places to Dine and Unwind

Posted on Nov 9, 2018

Seattle’s restaurant week, which celebrated the area’s incredible cuisine, ended yesterday. This event got me thinking about how food and local businesses are so inextricably connected to our sense of belonging and home. My husband and I agree that when we find our local bar, restaurant, and coffee shop, we have finally made the neighborhood our home. (Even better is when the owners of these neighborhood businesses start to recognize your dopey-badly-behaved-but cute puppy and give you free fries!)

So, in the spirit of Seattle’s restaurant week and of home, I asked Pickett Street’s team to tell me about their favorite local restaurants and bars. Read on for their list of places to unwind and enjoy a homey vibe. Or, if you’re looking to sell or buy a home in this area, get in touch with the team at 425-502-5397 or

Anderson School Hotel – McMenamins in Bothell

With locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, McMenamins renovates historic buildings to create homey, quirky spaces to eat, drink, and socialize. Bothell’s Anderson School Hotel is located in the city’s first junior high school, built in 1931. The owners renovated this art-deco style building to preserve its school days vibe, with an adult twist.

Guests can enjoy food and drinks in one of the property’s many bars, including a theater, the principal’s office, and the old woodshop. They can also play pinball and other games, swim in the pool, and spend the night in the hotel’s cozy rooms.

About the Anderson School, Pickett Street’s buyers agent Dave Lavigne says, “The food and drinks are great, the atmosphere is even better!”

Terracotta Red Bistro in Everett

Jesse Moore, Pickett Street’s owner and lead listing agent, says that Terracotta Red “is arguably the best restaurant in Snohomish County.”

This space offers modern pan-Asian fusion—traditional Asian dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. A sample spread includes pork and chive potstickers, followed by a hot and sour soup, pineapple prawn fried rice, and tangerine beef with the chef’s signature sauce. For dessert: Chinese donuts with passionfruit sauce. My mouth is watering.

The Bine in Bothell

Owned by an adorable couple who decided one day to start a Seattle-area brewery together, The Bine features 27 rotating beer handles. The current tap list includes Finnriver Cider’s Forest Ginger Cider—a hard cider brewed with ginger and fir tips that makes me want to hop the next plane home from Denver to Seattle. Pickett Street’s Jesse Moore also recommends their truffle popcorn.

The Dining Room at Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie

The Salish Lodge offers not only delicious food, but also stunning views of Snoqualmie Falls and the Snoqualmie River. Pickett Street’s director of operations Margaret Smith recommends this restaurant if you have a free Saturday morning. “It is gorgeous, and the food is divine,” Margaret says. “I met a friend for breakfast one Saturday, and we munched on their smoked salmon hash & the wild mushroom and pesto omelet. After we ate, we walked down to a viewpoint for the Falls—it was a lovely start to the day.”

Amaro Bistro in Bothell

Amaro calls itself “a cozy bar specializing in martinis, single-malt scotches, bourbons, and grappas.” Nicole Leong, Pickett Street’s buyers agent, mentions this bistro for their Amaro Negroni, or for simply a nice glass of wine. She adds, “You could get full off of just their happy hour menu, but the dinner menu has some delicious choices, too.”

Revolve True Food & Wine Bar in Bothell

Pickett Street recently featured this local spot on their blog. The owner Dusty Dubois says, “Revolve Food & Wine is a reflection of my passion for wellness, wonderful food and good wine.” Revolve also happens to be a local favorite of Sarah Troske, Pickett Street’s transaction coordinator and bodybuilder-extraordinaire.

Which other local restaurants and bars make you feel like you’re truly at home in this area? Pickett Street encourages you to reach out with suggestions of community spots to feature on their blog and social media accounts. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact the team with all of your real estate questions (425-502-5397) or  

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