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New: Neighborhood Profile: South Lake Union, Seattle’s Fastest Growing Neighborhood

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

Do you need more reasons to move to the Puget Sound area? Besides the obvious highlights –lush forests, mild weather, mouth-watering seafood and produce, and the best coffee in the world, plenty of statistics support the area’s awesomeness. Seattle ranks as the second fastest growing city in America, according to Forbes’ 2018 report. At 7.52%, Seattle’s wages grew faster at than any other city in the country. At 4.65%, the city’s GMP–gross metropolitan product–was the third fastest growing GMP in the country, right behind Dallas and Austin; this rate makes Seattle the fastest growing economy in the country right now.

As an important sidenote, Washington ranks third on CNBC’s list of the best states to find a job. In 2017, Washington added around 96,000 new jobs, most of which were in the retail industry. This job growth is largely due to Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft.

As Seattle steps into its role as a cosmopolitan, economically thriving city, its fastest growing neighborhood continues to be South Lake Union, home to the retail giant Amazon. Read on for more information about this neighborhood. Or, reach out to Pickett Street to talk to them about buying or selling a house in this exciting area at 425-502-5397 or

1. Neighborhood Vibe

Just north of downtown, SLU, as the locals call it, is one of the city’s most exciting hubs. In recent years, this area has experienced major development in the form of new apartments and condos for employees in the tech industry and other individuals. The Seattle Times notes that Seattle’s tech broom has lead to rising housing prices similar to San Francisco’s. However, Seattle has built 62,000 new housing units over the past 12 years, which is double the units San Francisco has built.

South Lake Union is one of the city’s most walkable, central, and vibrant neighborhoods. South Lake Union’s amenities include a Whole Foods, the Kai Asian Market, and the South Lake Union Streetcar, which provides an easy ride to downtown and connects to the Link light rail and other public transit.

2. Where to Dine

Birch, one of Eater’s 2018 hottest restaurants in Seattle, sits on the Lake Union waterfront and serves local seafood and other Northwest ingredients. Guests can enjoy upscale dishes such as king salmon tartare while enjoying the view.

Other trendy spots include Gold Bar, which serves delicious Caribbean-inspired cocktails and Latin-American-inspired snacks, and Bulletproof Cafe, home to the tech world’s current obsession, butter coffee.

3. What to Do For Fun

More accurately–what is there not to do in this neighborhood? Close to Pike Place Market, museums, theaters, and shopping, SLU offers something for everyone. Check out the Center for Wooden Boats on the waterfront, or the nearby Chihuly Garden and Glass for a colorful oasis in the middle of the city.

Whether you are interested in living here, or whether you live nearby, we recommend checking out South Lake Union’s bustling scene to see what the fuss is all about. Make sure you also contact Pickett Street (425-502-5397 or with any question you have about living in this area.

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