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New: Local Business Highlight: Scout 829

Posted on Sep 11, 2018

Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same.

This week we are excited to share with you about the Scout 829 shop in Bothell, WA.

Hi, we’re Andrew & Jasmine! We own Scout 829, a handmade gift shop in Country Village Bothell. We carry original paintings, ceramics, jewelry, stationery and home decor. We opened our shop in June 2017 in hopes of creating a “gateway gallery” – a space where people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds could be introduced to the arts in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. We work with talented artisans all over the United States to curate playful pieces that are accessible in both price and approach. We aim to find utilitarian handmade goods that can be used in our visitors’ daily lives. Whether it’s a handcrafted leather wallet, a hand-printed printed tote or a hand spun mug, we think each piece in our shop carries a story and adds something special to the recipients’ lives.

We think having an appreciation for the arts and craft is such a gift. Jasmine found her love and passion for the arts when she wrote Arts and Entertainment for the Grand Forks Herald in North Dakota. She had the opportunity to interview great photographers, sculptors, illustrators and painters that continue to inspire her today. She also had the opportunity to learn from the director of the North Dakota Museum of Art, Laurel Reuter, who became somewhat of a mentor to her. Laurel taught her about different techniques & styles, about curating and about what it took to run a gallery. But, most importantly, she taught Jasmine how much meaning, love and depth the arts can add to our lives. Now, Jasmine hopes she can share that with our customers.

Our favorite part of running Scout 829 is seeing and hearing our customer’s excitement when they connect with a piece in our shop, whether it’s an illustration that reminds someone of her daughter or a wood carving that transports someone to a different time and place.

We get our inspiration and motivation from the artists and makers we work with. They each have such a passion for creating and connecting with people and the world around them. They inspire us to always be open, try new things and never be afraid of failure.

One of our favorite quotes that never ceases to inspire us is by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: “Nothing great in the world has ever been created without passion.” Whether it’s a business or a piece of artwork, if it is not created with passion it will always be missing a key element and never reach it’s full potential.

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