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New: Three Green Home Movements around the Puget Sound

Posted on Sep 7, 2018

The Pacific Northwest has a bit of a reputation for its residents’ birkenstock-wearing, granola-crunching, earth-loving ways. In 2018, WalletHub ranked Washington one of the top states for green living. In this eco-conscious region of the country, most residents are eager to protect their natural surroundings–the dense forests, the Puget Sound’s rich waters, and the wildlife that calls these places home.

What’s more, increasing numbers of home buyers all over the country are choosing to go green. According to the National Association of Realtors, around 71% of the real estate agents polled said energy efficiency promotion in listings was very or somewhat valuable; 61% said that their clients were at least somewhat interested in sustainability.

Perhaps you’re thinking, Yes, that’s great, but what exactly are green homes? Environmentally friendly and sustainable, green homes have energy-efficient designs, materials, and features. Not only can investing in these homes help the environment, it can also help you significantly reduce energy bills and save money. Talk to Pickett Street about your options for buying or selling a green home ( or 425-502-5397). Below you can find details about green homes in the Puget Sound area.

1. Gorgeous and sustainable prefab homes.

The Seattle-based company Node builds modern, energy-efficient, and customizable prefabricated homes. The spaces range from 264 square feet with a sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom to 500 square feet with a kitchen, living room, study, bedroom, and bathroom. Buyers can add separate units, such as a 110-square-foot writer’s cabin or extra bedrooms. They can also choose covered, outdoor hallways to connect the buildings. How cool is that?

Node focuses on building affordable homes that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Constructed from sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic, recycled materials, Node’s homes have sturdy “low-impact foundation systems” that do not require excavation. They also offer owners the option of living off the grid with compostable toilets, a greenhouse module, and energy and water modules to store rainwater and solar power.

2. Net zero homes.

Net zero homes possess extremely energy-efficient designs and features. A net zero home’s total amount of energy consumed roughly equals the amount of renewable energy that it creates.

Designed and built by Seattle’s award-winning green home builder Dwell, the Genesee Park Net Zero Home recently received a 2018 Housing Innovation Award from the US Department of Energy. This lovely green home consists of reclaimed, local materials, rooftop solar panels, high- performance windows, 12-inch thick walls packed with insulation, high efficiency heating, and solar thermal hot water. Due to these features, the home’s energy bill costs approximately–wait for it–just $67 per year.

3. Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

This past spring, Redfin voted Seattle’s Georgetown as one of the top ten neighborhoods for green homes in the country. According to the article, 56% of homes in the this area have green features. Check out Dwell’s two net zero homes in the Georgetown neighborhood; both homes feature a modern industrial aesthetic, beautiful reclaimed wood, and open floor plans.

For more information about green homes in Seattle, check out last week’s blog post about this sustainable floating home on Lake Union. Or, reach out to Pickett Street at or 425-502-5397.

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