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New: Community Highlights: Mark Mount

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is highlighting businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same.

This week we are excited to share with you about one of our favorite people at the Keller Williams Bothell office, Lieutenant Mark Mount.

“I was born in Port Townsend, Washington because that was the nearest military hospital to Port Angeles where my Dad was stationed in the United States Coast Guard. We moved to the Shoreline area soon thereafter when he enlisted in the United States Navy. When I was 3 years old he left the family and soon after my mother remarried. At 5 years old I was nailing down roofs and decks because my step-father was a general contractor. When I started first grade and from then on during school breaks and summers I worked construction on homes, apartments, and commercial buildings doing framing, sheathing, roofing, cement flatwork and foundation work, oiling forms, and site clean- up until graduation from high school in 1969.

My neighbor was a physician and because neither of his sons wanted to become doctors, he offered to send me to medical school as I had the grades and aptitude. I had Congressional sponsorship to go to the Air Force Academy, however my right eye had a condition that prevented acceptance.  I wanted to be a pilot and entered Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Washington where I earned my Commercial Pilot Certificate and 2 year AAS degree for entrance to what is now called Central Washington University. While I was attending BBCC, a humanities professor agreed to me doing a ride-a-long with a Grant County Sheriff’s Office K9 Deputy on Friday and Saturday night shifts for a college quarter and completing a paper on that experience in lieu of reading his book selections. The K9 Deputy with his dog and I were one of two patrol vehicles to cover ALL of Grant County, so although I don’t recall how fast we drove to each “HOT” call we were always going fast. I thought police work might work if I ever got tired of flying.

Once at Central Washington State College, as it was called then, I obtained the curriculums from Embry Riddle University in Florida and Arizona State University in Arizona because they had the degree I wanted and were the two best schools nationally at the time, but out of state tuition was way too expensive. I paid for my schooling myself working at Bar S Meat Products from the time I was 18 years old until graduating with a BA degree in Aerospace Management and completing an Executive Internship at Sea-Tac International Airport. I meshed the curriculums with what Central had to offer and made a presentation to the Deans of the college. They approved the Aerospace Management degree both in BA and BS disciplines and I was the first of many to receive it.

I began applying for flight school in the United States Navy, but due to the high attrition from the war in Vietnam ending, my only options were to go into the United States Air Force as an officer running an airbase, or a helicopter pilot.

The Middle East had cut off oil to the Western World and Sea-Tac International Airport suspended hiring because they derived their revenues from landing fees and all the airlines cut way back on flights because of the oil shortage. There were enormous gas lines for automobiles at the same time for gas priced at 53 cents a gallon and that was HIGH.

I began working in the in the audio/video industry eventually rising to an executive level responsible for international and mail order sales. I left that position and started selling for Magnolia Hi-Fi and became consistently the number two big screen salesperson in the company, only because the number one worked at our Roosevelt Video Store that was a destination for videophiles. At the same time, I was flying bush floatplanes throughout the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and as far as Alaska under contract, charter, and scheduled service. I managed two of the three aviation companies that I flew for. I had and still have a Class A Commercial Driver’s License that allows me to drive 18-wheelers. I drove delivery when I was not selling or flying.

After I survived an aircraft collision in British Columbia, due to weather, when two other pilots died the same day in the same area, I decided to pursue law enforcement as an alternative career.

I have been employed with the Seattle Police Department for almost 33 years, and a Lieutenant for almost 18 years. Highlights of my career have been an Officer (Counter-sniper), Sergeant, and Lieutenant in SWAT, a Tactical Flying Officer and helicopter pilot in training, as a liaison to the King County Air Support Division. I worked in Internal Investigations and travelled nationally recruiting Officers for the Seattle Police Department. I have written policies for the Seattle Police Department while working in Ethics and Inspections and was a Legislative Liaison responsible for review and recommendation of legislation consistent with City of Seattle, Seattle Police Department, and the Washington Association of Sheriff’s and Police Chief’s objectives.

I recently applied for the Management Development Initiative to prepare me for Executive Leadership and I intend on taking the Captain’s Promotional next year prior to a planned retirement 30JUN2021.

In preparation for my retirement, I have become a licensed General Contractor in Washington, joined Keller Williams as a Real Estate broker having originally been licensed in 2003, and am having conversations with different aviation companies to return to flying commercially. I will continue to invest in real estate and securities.

Why do you do what you do/What is your mission/vision statement?

My mission is to create opportunity for real estate ownership as a cornerstone to wealth coupled with investments in securities. My vision is to create great neighborhoods and financially stable families who enjoy great relationships.

What do you love most about what you do?

Listening to people tell their stories and assisting them in realizing their dreams and goals.

Where do you find inspiration and motivation?

Everywhere and with everyone around me.

Do you have mentor in business? If so, who?

I am currently in search of a mentor and coach.

Favorite quote:

Fortuna Favet Fortibus-Fortune Favors the Bold and Embrace Your Fears.

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