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New: Three Tips to Escape Summer Heat in Seattle

Posted on Aug 10, 2018

The Puget Sound area has shifted into full summer mode, and it feels (and tastes!) glorious. The blueberries are fat and sweet, and on the Kitsap Peninsula, Local Boys’ special orange creamsicle melon tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle, except better. Plus, taking a dip in the Sound feels a bit less bone-shatteringly glacial than usual.

However, it’s no news that Washingtonians aren’t exactly accustomed to heat, and that they tend to wilt when temperatures rise above a mild 70 degrees. In fact, since it only gets this hot for about a month or so each year, only one third of Seattle homes have air conditioning. According to the Weather Channel, this is lowest percentage of households with air conditioning of the 41 metros included in a United States census survey.

Even so–who needs air conditioning when you have an entire state full of beaches, rivers, and other shady spots? To help you both escape the heat and make the most of these gorgeous and fleeting summer days, the list below offers a few cool tips. To talk to Pickett Street about real estate in this Puget Sound paradise, get in touch with them at or 425-502-5397.

1. Get to the beach.

Luckily, beaches are not hard to find in the Puget Sound area. To make things easier for you, the Seattle Times and the Seattle Met provide lists of great Seattle and Puget Sound-area beaches. I love Golden Gardens and Jetty Island Park–you can catch a free ferry to this beach from Everett’s Jetty Landing & Boat Launch. If you’re up for a slightly longer trip (about a three-hour drive from downtown Seattle), pack some day bags and venture to Long Beach, which boasts 28 miles of sand.

Or, for one of the state’s best swimming holes, explore Eagle Falls on the Skykomish River’s south fork. The spot features 20-foot deep pools, cliff jumping, and rope swings.

2. Go hiking

The Puget Sound features several hikes that also offer beach access, including the South Canyon Trail. This quiet two-mile loop starts at Saint Edward State Park on the northeastern shore of Lake Washington. Hikers can swim in a secluded spot on the lake surrounded by old-growth black cottonwoods.

Denny Creek, near Snoqualmie Pass, is another gentle hike with a natural water slide and waterfall views. This hike is about an hour-long drive from downtown Seattle. You can choose to complete the 6-mile hike or opt for the 3.4-mile hike to Keekwulee Falls.

3. Fix yourself a cool drink.

If you have a shady outdoor area such as a deck or patio in your home, you might want to just stay home. The Seattle Times’ recipes for 25 refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages offer delicious options for staying hydrated. I have big plans to make the mango lassi or the coconut water smoothie this weekend.

For more summer tips, check out the Pickett Street team’s guide to Seattle summers. Also, this list of wading pools and sprayparks is a great resource for families with kids, and the Seattle Times offers a comprehensive list of local indoor and outdoor summer spots.

Be sure to email or call 425-502-5397 to chat more with Pickett Street about real estate.

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