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New: Community Highlights

Posted on Jul 13, 2018

Pickett Street Properties is dedicated to serving the community and is going highlight businesses and community members that are dedicated to doing the same.

Our second highlight is a wonderful woman who spends her time spreading her positive energy and happiness. The Pickett Street team has the honor of seeing her everyday as she shares the same office building as us.

Meet Julie:

“Hi, my name is Julie Yost and I’ve been with “Curtis, Casteel & Palmer” about 16 months now. I am an “Escrow Assistant”, however, the skill set I’ve brought to this job have been sculpted by years of taking risks, trying new things, asking questions, meeting great people, and saying yes to new opportunities, which in turn has brought me to this place that I am loving right now. I have literally done so many different things in my life, but the one common denominator has always been people. The delight and joy I find in speaking with, supporting, walking side by side and encouraging or teaching people, is who I truly am.

I started in this line of work about 6 years ago when my good friend started a mobile notary signing business, and she wanted me to walk with her through her new venture. I really enjoyed it, so after 16 years of teaching music at a private school, (along with a few other side jobs at the same time), I decided to try something new. When I interviewed for this position, my boss, was looking for someone with a myriad of diverse experiences to bring to this position, and I happen to fit the bill. Some of the things I do for the company are the signings, special events, employee benefits, speaking on behalf of the company at agent team meetings, along with, all the day to day responsibilities in a fast-paced escrow/law office. I love working for “Curtis, Casteel & Palmer” and working side by side with a great team of such multi-talented people who never cease to amaze me every day.

My personal job experience has covered owner, manager, trainer, teacher, recruiter, speaker and mentor from small start-ups to large Fortune 100 companies. Some of my favorite jobs have been working for a publications company as a graphic artist & lithographer. My 2 largest clients were the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Supersonics. In fact, getting to work on the World Championship Book for the Sonics and getting court side seats during the playoffs was quite memory making. Another great job was working for Starbucks in their early years, as a part of their management team. I was a trainer for the company and opened stores for them. Also, their Community Connection Liaison, and a part of their Special Event Team, to help build brand recognition.

I always thought that I would go into the arts as my profession, but found out after I bought my first business, that I love business, so I decided early on that this is what I wanted to pursue. However, I have always had my hand in the arts, specifically music, all my life. I love working with children and so for 25 years I was a director, choreographer, props designer, etc., of kids stage performances in any capacity I could be.

I love being involved in my community and enjoy giving back of my talents and time. Right now, I am helping support some friends getting a store started to support foster families with clothing and supplies, at no cost to them, for the children they take in. One of the most important things I’ve learned through these years is: “never be afraid to start over or fail, and to ask questions, because that is how you learn and learning & continuing to grow is what life is all about, and to be respectful and love people, wherever they’re at”.

My favorite thing in life, by far, are my kids and my granddaughter!! Raising Ashley and Josh into successful, amazing adults, have been my greatest accomplishment!! Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up being thankful and grateful for my job and the people in my life. That’s a great feeling!!”

Thank you, Julie- for everything that you have done for our community and continue to do!  We are so grateful to know a human being like you!

If you’re curious about Julie’s journey being in the escrow/law office world, being a business owner, or are thinking about moving to Bothell- reach out today at #425-502-5397 or 

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