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New: The Pickett Street Team’s Guide to Seattle Summers

Posted on Jul 5, 2018

Are you thinking about moving to the Seattle area this summer? (We say, go for it!) Or, did you recently move to the Seattle area? (Welcome!) Or, perhaps you’ve been here several years, but need to explore some new places. (The area is full of hidden gems.)

Whatever your situation, Pickett Street has you covered this summer. We’ve put together a handy summer guide to eating, drinking, and getting outside in the Seattle area. Take a look at the team’s favorite summer spots below, then get out and explore some of these places this weekend.

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Jillian Farrar, Lead Buyers Agent

Favorite spot for food and drinks: The Watershed Pub and Kitchen in the Northgate neighborhood.

Favorite spot to get outside: Waverly Beach Park in Kirkland–there is a dock for easy kayak entry, a beach for digging, and a new play area.

Favorite summer memory: Camping in the Mount Rainier National Park and on the San Juan Islands.

Margaret Smith, Director of Operations

Favorite spot for food and drinks: Patterson Cellars in Woodinville–I love having a glass of wine on the patio with friends–and the Shelter at Greenlake–great people watching, volleyball, and food.

Favorite spot to get outside: Golden Gardens Park in Ballard for the sunshine, soft sand, and a fire pit. I’m a sucker for water–one day I will have a home on the waterfront!

Favorite summer memory: Blackberry cobbler will forever remind me of my family. We spent hours picking our way through vines, scraping our little bodies as we reached for that one juicy berry that was beyond our reach.

Sarah Troske, Transaction Coordinator

Favorite spot for food and drinks: I am not big on going out to restaurants, as I would prefer a home-cooked meal, therefore my favorite summer spot for family barbecues is in my parents’ backyard!

Favorite spot to get outside: My friends own property on the Pilchuck River. We like to go there and place our chairs in the low water and soak up the sun for hours.

Favorite summer memory: When I was younger, my sister, neighbor friends, and I spent hours drawing with chalk all over the cul-de-sac, riding bikes, rollerblading, walking on stilts, and doing gymnastics in the yard.

Christi Samaniego, Listing Coordinator

Favorite spot for food and drinks: I love sitting on the patio at Bonefish with the Pickett Street team, drinking a cocktail while laughing and having crazy conversations!

Favorite spot for getting outside: Alki Beach–spending all day at the beach, getting ice cream at Pepperdock, cooking hot dogs over the fire pit in the evening. It doesn’t get better than that!

Favorite summer memory: We were at Alki Beach at dusk. My son was beating on a hand drum and our friend was spinning fire poi. The sky was beautiful, and all was well!

Jesse Moore, Owner/Lead Listing Agent

Favorite spot for food and drinks: Emory’s on Silver Lake–a lakeside bistro with a good wine list and covered outdoor seating. Demand can be high, so be patient and plan on waiting for a great view, a great table, and great food.

Favorite spot for getting outside: Green Lake, and Willis Tucker Park, which includes a waterpark. Also, the Kingston Farmers Market–we’ll snack and walk around the booths, then have lunch on a patio at one of the nearby restaurants.

Nicole Leong, Buyers Agent

Favorite spot for food and drinks: Really anyplace with a patio. The Nest atop The Thompson Hotel in downtown Seattle has an awesome view of the Seattle waterfront and is great for drinks. Taylor Shellfish in Queen Anne, and The Walrus and The Carpenter for oysters and shellfish.

Favorite spot for getting outside: Juanita Beach and OO Denny Park–bring paddleboards and a cooler with steak and veggies to grill on the beach. I also love hiking in the summer to lakes. You get all hot and sweaty, and then get to jump into an icy lake!

Best summer memory: Last summer, Fourth of July weekend. My fiancé and I went backpacking with our dogs on the Olympic Peninsula to Silver Lakes by Mt. Townsend. We had gorgeous weather the whole weekend and spent the second day clambering up the side of a mountain and exploring Dirty Face Ridge.

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