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New: How Keller Williams’ 10th Annual RED Day Gives Back

Posted on May 3, 2018

There is a wonderful documentary on Netflix called Happy that makes me cry big messy tears every time I watch it. This film is about, as the title suggests, happiness; the filmmakers explore the meaning of this feeling within cultures and among individuals all over the world, and attempt to answer the question, “what makes people truly happy?” Featuring research from psychologists and sociologists, the film concludes that the critical elements of a happy life are physical activity, gratitude, connections to community, and compassion/service to others. (It’s also a bit more nuanced and complex than this–I recommend you grab some tissues and watch the film!)

Because they understand the importance of these values, Keller Williams Realty and Pickett Street Properties engage in daily efforts and host several annual events to foster meaningful connections to community and opportunities to give. One shining example: every year on the second Thursday in May, Keller Williams offices across the country celebrate RED Day (renew, energize, and donate).

2018’s 10th annual RED Day on May 10th is fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know about this day.
(For more information, feel free to contact Pickett Street at (425) 502-5397 or

What’s RED Day?
RED Day is Keller Williams’ annual day of service, in which team members, friends, and family give back to their local communities. This year, around 790 offices and almost 134,000 associates across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia will spend the day renewing and energizing their local communities. Typically, these teams rebuild homes and parks, donate to local food shelters, host blood drives, clean up beaches, and engage in many more activities to improve their communities.

How will Pickett Street participate?
Each RED Day, Pickett Street teams up with the KW Bothell office to give back- there are over 200 Realtors that hang their license at this office. This year, the Agents will spend the day taking food donations at two local stores: the QFC in Canyon Park, and the QFC in Bothell. These food donations will go to Canyon Hills Community Church Food Bank.

A crew will also be at the Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center in downtown Bothell to clear debris from the center’s backyard so they can start using it on a regular basis.

How can I help?
Please stop by either the QFC in Canyon Park or the QFC in Bothell to donate food! Or, Pickett Street would love for you to give monetary donations using this form. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the Canyon Hills food bank.

As always, the Pickett Street team is excited to give back to its community and create lasting connections and relationships on this year’s RED Day. Get in touch with the team at (425) 502-5397 or to find out how you join in, or for information about real estate in the greater Seattle area.



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