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New: Three Things That Make Living in Washington State so Special

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

When my family moved to the Seattle area from the East Coast back in the early 90s, Starbucks was quickly becoming the new standard for coffee, though it had yet to take over the rest of the country (and world). For us east-coasters, cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos were the most exotic beverages.

Also in the 90s, Washington companies Microsoft and Amazon were just starting to boom, and grunge music was at its peak. Washington was special back then, and continues to be special today. With all of the recent buzz about its hot and competitive real estate market, I thought it might be nice to clarify what exactly makes the Puget Sound and Seattle areas so great.

1. Mountains, water, and forever-green trees

Almost everyone describes the gorgeous natural scenery as one of the biggest perks of living in the Seattle area.

Third-generation Washingtonian Mary Smith notes that she loves “being able to see the mountains, listening to the train as it makes its way north on the tracks by the water, and watching the ferry boats on the Puget Sound.” She adds, “I love it when it rains–the air is clear and the trees are forever green.”

With the state’s excellent infrastructure, abundant trails, and beautiful landscape, it’s no wonder that Washington is ranked the most bike-friendly state in the country and the eleventh healthiest state in the country. Additionally, while this isn’t the most objective category, Washington was ranked as the sixth most beautiful state in the country.

2. Arts and culture

Residents also cite arts and culture as one of their favorite parts of life in the Seattle area. For us book nerds: due to the high numbers of quality bookstores, libraries, and newspapers, as well as to the average level of education for its residents, Seattle is the second most literate city in the country.

Pickett Street’s Margaret Smith, who lives in Everett, says that she loves how rapidly Everett is growing, and that “there is culture and art unlike any other state in the United States…there are so many opportunities here in terms of growth outside of your comfort zone.”

Everett resident Karen Whalen adds, “We live far enough away from the busy traffic, but close enough to enjoy the benefits of the city, such as the sports games, the fantastic restaurants, and museums.”

3. Food

Eater recently ranked Washington as the eighth best state in the country for food and drink, and Seattle’s steakhouse Bateau as one of the best restaurants in the country.

The region’s fresh seafood and produce and rich wine and beer scene are among my favorite parts of the Seattle area. My partner’s favorite cocktail spot in the whole world is the deliciously suave bar Canon in Capitol Hill, and I have a weakness for splurging on sushi at Japonessa.

And finally, if you’re curious, Washington ranks as sixth on the list of overall best states, second in health care, third in economy, fourth in infrastructure, and sixth in education. Not too shabby.

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