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New: Pickett Street’s Favorite Holiday Memories

Posted on Dec 22, 2017

My parents recently moved out of the house they lived in for many years. Though this change felt a bit sad, when I visited them this past week, I saw that they had worked hard to make this new space just as cozy as ever with candles, fuzzy blankets, board games, and tickets to see Star Wars (the family who nerds out together stays together!).

With Hanukkah and the winter solstice this past week and Christmas next week, it’s the perfect time to relax and reflect. To get into the holiday spirit, I chatted with the Pickett Street Team about their favorite memories and strategies for making their homes feel festive.

Sarah, Team Administrator

Favorite holiday memories: Going on car rides to look at Christmas lights, getting all the Christmas decorations out, playing in the snow for hours on end with my sister, making quilts with my mom, watching Christmas movies with the family–mostly Christmas Vacation because my Grandpa John laughs so hard during the squirrel scene.

Holiday rituals today: I am the person who busts out the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween because I want to enjoy it as long as possible. I have a collection of those little light up houses I call “the town” that I set up. I also string white icicle lights over the windows and sliding door. The ambiance of those lights at night with a Christmas movie playing and a cup of tea definitely puts me and my home into the holiday spirit!

Margaret, Director of Operations

Favorite holiday memories: One of my favorite holiday memories is from when I was about 10 years old. My younger brother Ben was obsessed with arranging the gifts under the tree AND shaking them/unwrapping them. The night before Christmas he would arrange all the gifts according to name- and be sure we all had equal amounts. I would look out and see his curly little head poking around the tree for hours. We would often drag our mattresses off our beds and into the living room and have a sleepover together. We spent hours building forts and just playing games. My brothers were my best friends growing up!

Favorite rituals today: We actually keep Christmas lights up all year round. They’re typically just the plain, white Christmas lights, but I love the feel of the warm, sparkly lights in our home.  That’s part of the reason I love having lights up in our offices at Pickett Street–it gives me good vibes no matter the weather!

Christi, Listing Coordinator

Favorite holiday memories: My best Christmas memories is hitting the streets Christmas morning and passing out socks that we have collected to the homeless community. My family started the sock drive in 2012. This year, we partnered with the Keller Williams Bothell office and have blown our previous year numbers out of the water!! It literally makes my heart so happy every year!

Favorite rituals today: My family puts up a tree. We decorate our mantel with stockings and Christmas Tree figurines. We have Andy the Elf visit us from Elf on the Shelf. We make reindeer food with sparkles to help guide the reindeers to our house!! <3

Nicole, Buyer Agent

Favorite holiday memories: One Christmas, my Dad made a large pile of ice on the side of our house, and when we were starting to open presents the next morning, he made a huge crashing noise so that we’d run outside. My Dad told us that it must’ve been snow left behind by Santa and that it had melted and turned to ice. Thinking back, I realize that that’s not how snow melts, especially in Hawaii. But at the time we were super excited.

Favorite rituals today: I’ve always enjoyed craft projects and making decorations for the holidays. A few years ago I started making garlands and wreaths. Now I have decorations from the past 5 years I’ve been in Seattle, and I love hanging the garlands around the house and being able to see them when I get home. My pups always help me smile regardless of the weather, or lack of sunshine. And a nice hot toddy in front of the fireplace doesn’t hurt either!

Armin, Showing Specialist

Favorite holiday memories: My favorite holiday memory is watching my daughter Mila and son Dash taking Santa pictures for the first time together. Mila brought her Christmas list and gave it to Santa. Dash was only 6 months so he slept on Santa’s lap. They had an audience looking on and laughing because it was a beautiful picture. Santa then pretended he was also sleeping and we got some more fun pictures. This memory sticks out visually to me.

Favorite rituals today: We love to decorate our home on the interior and the exterior. We put up lots of lights and fun festive decor. We also use Christmas style scented candles to get the scent permeating throughout our home.

Jesse, Owner, Lead Listing Agent

Favorite holiday memories: As a child, I remember running upstairs to open our stockings. Mom would make breakfast, which would always include fresh-baked biscuits, which we would eat in a mild panic so that we could get to opening presents. As I grew older, Christmas was one of the few days that we could slack on our chores and veg out in front of the TV, usually watching classic Christmas movies like “White Christmas” and It’s a Beautiful Life”.

Favorite rituals today: I have never really decorated the outside of my house with lights. With a new blended family though, expectations change. Now that it’s done, I can’t imagine not doing it every year. Rain or shine, those lights are brilliant and totally change the experience of coming home from work.

What are you favorite holiday memories? How do you make your home cozy and festive this time of year? However you celebrate, Pickett Street wishes you happy holidays.

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