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New: Real Estate Inspiration: Seattle’s Unique Architecture

Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Seattle’s silvery light and green landscapes have resulted in some unique architecture that integrate modern vibes and natural elements. For more about Seattle’s common architectural styles, check out this blog post, or for information about buying or selling a home in the Seattle area, contact Pickett Street at (425) 502-5397 or

In the meantime, here are a few of western Washington’s gems to inspire you to find your own dream home.

1. A mid-century modern in Magnolia

With stunning views of the Ballard locks, this Eichler-inspired home is a small piece of luxury and peace in the city. The space features floor-to-ceiling windows, a private courtyard, a large deck, and exposed ceiling beams.

2. A sustainable Key Peninsula retreat

Located in Longbranch, this home follows net zero guidelines, which means that it is highly energy efficient, producing as much energy as it consumes and racking up a grand total of $0 in energy bills. The property features a solar panels, an air-to-water heat pump, an exterior made from reclaimed fir, extra-efficient insulation and appliances, LED lighting, triple-pane windows, and a green roof. In addition to being green, the home is also cozy and spacious inside with floor-to-ceiling windows and an open common room.


3. Indoor/outdoor living in Madison Park

Designed by mw|works architecture, this home was designed for a family who owns two dogs and who wanted to enjoy easy access to outdoor spaces in the heart of the city. As a result, the house has large panels of sliding glass doors that open onto an interior courtyard. The interior courtyard is surrounded by landscaped walls to create privacy.


4. A modern wonder in Capitol Hill

Designed by the local Seattle architecture firm Balance Associates Architects, this home has a 180 degree view of mountains and Seattle’s lakes. The house rests on a concrete base and features low-e glazing on its large open windows in order to allow residents to enjoy both stunning city views and privacy from its neighbors.


5. A cool, spacious family home in Madison Park

With new tiles, hard surface flooring, and walls in zen-like grey and silvers, this home capitalizes on and accentuates the Northwest’s soft, gorgeous light. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a backyard, the property is also quite spacious. For those interested in creating an ADU to rent or to use for other purposes (see our blog post about investing in real estate), the lower level could also accommodate a separate kitchen.


6. A Hood Canal boat house

While the space might not be right for your main home, this renovated boat house is the perfect spot to unplug and unwind during weekend getaways. The boat house includes a cozy sleeping loft with a retractable ladder and oversized sliding doors to open up the home to the beach.

If you’re feeling inspired and are eager to buy or sell a home in the Seattle area, let Pickett Street help you–contact the team at (425) 502-5397 or

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