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New: Pickett Street Properties Gives Gratitude for 2017

Posted on Nov 21, 2017

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the chaos: family members bickering while on hour three of Settlers of Catan, something burning in the oven, the dog stealing turkey off the counter, a holiday song sung terribly out-of-tune. These sweet, funny moments of imperfection are, I believe, life in its purest form. They remind me of all the people, relationships, and tiny moments for which I feel grateful.

So, in the spirit of the season, let’s talk about gratitude. Multiple scientific studies have shown that gratitude improves sleep, psychological health, and physical health. Basically, gratitude is one of the keys to a happy life. I recently interviewed the Pickett Street team to find out what they’re grateful for this year.

I’ll start. I’m grateful for my partner, who makes me coffee and brings it to me every single morning (seriously, what a hero!), for my healthy body that lets me do yoga and climb mountains, for my undergraduate students, who are funny and inspiring and give me hope in the world, for the great companies with which I work (such as Pickett Street!), and for my sweet dopey pitbull puppy.

Here’s what the team at Pickett Street had to say.

Christi Samaniego, Listing Coordinator

“I am grateful for being in a professional environment where I am supported in both my professional and personal growth. I feel grateful for each day that I get to wake up and smile at the sun and/or encourage others to smile at the sun. Life is beautiful even when it is hard.”

Sarah Troske, Team Administrator and Transaction Coordinator

“I believe practicing gratitude is good for the soul and I have so much to be grateful for this year, as 2017 has been great for me! I’ve received support, encouragement, and accountability from my friends and family, which has played a huge role in my personal and professional success. Here at Pickett Street, the talented people, the close culture, and the safe environment is critical. We are like family. I love what I do and I love who I do it for. Going to the office everyday doesn’t feel like work and that makes me grateful.”

Margaret Smith, Director of Operations 

“I am grateful to my parents for raising me with a grateful heart. I’m positive I would not be who I am today without that influence. In 2017 I realized just how much this has influenced me and been that boost I needed to go the extra mile through some valleys this year. The benefits of gratitude have showed up for me in my career, social circle, emotional health, personality, and overall physical health.  

It’s amazing how strongly negative comments stick out to us when we think back to past years or memories. If you don’t train your brain, the negativity can and will overpower your thinking.  There are two comments in particular that I hang on to and focus on whenever I’m having a low moment. My Aunt Coco said to me when I was probably ten years old, ‘Dottie, you have a way of making even a trip to the grocery store so much fun!’ I hang on to that. If I can make everyday, simple activities fun, I’m doing AWESOME. A few years later one of my cousins told me, ‘Margs, we’re expecting you to do great things. Everyone in the family knows you’re going to do BIG things and make us all proud.’

I believe the language you use with kids AND adults can and will have a huge impact on their minds and activities. Therefore, I focus my thinking, talking, and writing on activities that will produce positive outcomes–it’s what I can control. 

In 2017, I’m grateful to be surrounded by people that want to see me succeed and are there to catch me when I trip. I don’t take it for granted!”

Nicole Leong, Buyers Agent

“Where I am this year is completely different from where I was last year, personally and professionally, and I feel that there are so many people and things I’m grateful for and appreciative of! Here’s my top 3:

1.) I’m grateful for my boyfriend, Jacob, for all of the support and encouragement he’s given me in life and in my job. He’s constantly pushing me to be better and keep learning , and also reminding me of how awesome I already am.

2. ) I’m grateful for Pickett Street! Our Vision Statement isn’t just something written on the wall, it’s something everyone tries to practice on a daily basis. “Doing life together with passion & curiosity, creating opportunities for our clients and ourselves.” When I joined Pickett Street I knew I was joining a top team, I didn’t know I was joining a family.

3.) Might sound silly, but I’m grateful for my big, fur baby dogs. They’re messy, and get into the trash cans, and have no respect for personal space, and can always make me smile regardless of my mood.

Shannon Olcese, Listing Specialist

“I am grateful for my friends who always support me. I am grateful I have amazing co-workers who are a caring, hardworking team and tackle challenging situations with grace and humor. I am grateful for my healthy, loving children and boyfriend.”

Armin Saee, Realtor

“This year I am grateful for the health of my family.”

Jesse D. Moore, President
This year I’m grateful for forging ahead, even when things didn’t go my way. I’m grateful for a spirit of adventure that forged new experiences with my fiancé and kids. And I’m more grateful for my team than ever, for caring enough about our clients and each other to better themselves in the process.”

What are you grateful for this year? If you need any help in real estate- do not hesitate to reach out: (425) 502-5397 or

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