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New: Green Lake: Neighborhood Profile

Posted on Nov 16, 2017

The Green Lake neighborhood is nestled in the heart of north Seattle, surrounded by the Fremont, Ballard, Wallingford, Ravenna, and Greenwood neighborhoods. I have fond memories of spending long afternoons at Green Lake as a child, feeding the ducks and playing in the mud with my brothers (i.e. throwing mud at my brothers). Afterward, we would always pop into one of the many nearby coffee shops where my parents would buy us flavored steamed milk so my brothers and I could pretend that we, too–even at the tender ages of ten, eight, and four–were sophisticated, coffee-guzzling Seattle-ites.

That was back in the nineties, and today, Green Lake is more bustling and hip than ever before. Here are the details on one of Seattle’s most beloved neighborhoods.

Real Estate Stats

According to Niche, the median home value in Green Lake is $581,057, and the median rent is $1,418. This neighborhood is great for single individuals, couples, and families. Many homes in Green Lake fall under the architectural category of the classic Seattle Box or Four Square home, which features two stories, an inset front porch, and a simple yet chic geometric form.

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Neighborhood Vibe

Green Lake is charming, hip, ethnically diverse, and centrally located, with a short commute to downtown. The median household income is around $94,752.

Residents say one of the neighborhood’s “downsides” is that there are so many things to do, choosing where to go out can be overwhelming. Its perks include, again, an abundance of places to eat and drink and things to do, and the fact that most of the neighborhood’s eateries and boutiques are independent, locally owned businesses.

Residents also compare living in Green Lake to living in a nature preserve. People who live in this neighborhood generally love to be active and get outside, and the tree-lined streets, the beautiful lake, and the historic homes create a homey, peaceful atmosphere.

Things to Do

One of the neighborhood’s biggest attractions is, not surprisingly, Green Lake, which is one of Seattle’s most beloved parks and is named after its native green-colored algae. A scenic 2.8 mile path around the lake makes for a perfect jog, stroll, bike ride, roller skating adventure, or whatever your favorite way to get moving is. The lake also features several access points for boats, as well as picnicking spots, kayak rentals, and, if you’re a kid, some great opportunities for mud-throwing.

This neighborhood features several family-friendly restaurants, including Rosita’s Mexican Grill, Mykonos Greek Grill, Spud Fish & Chips, and Lucia Italian Restaurant. For stylish, creative dining, check out the Shelter Lounge and Nell’s Restaurant.

Seattle’s popular Woodland Park Zoo is also located right between Green Lake and Phinney Ridge. The zoo is home to the baby gorilla Yola, and if a baby gorilla can’t convince you that this is one of the best neighborhoods in the city, then–well–I’m not sure what can.

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