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New: Embracing Hygge: The Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Fall

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

Embracing Hygge: The Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Fall

Many people claim that spring is the best time to sell your home. Summer’s just around the corner, giving potential buyers more time away from work to move, front yards are generally looking cheerful with fresh blossoms, and new beginnings are in the air.

However, selling in the spring and summer just isn’t possible for every homeowner. What’s more, there are several secret advantages to selling during the “off-seasons” of fall and winter. If you’re considering listing your home this fall, here are a few reasons why this might be an excellent idea.

1. Embrace hygge.

One of my favorite words ever, hygge is Danish for all things cozy and content–relaxed gatherings for family and friends, candles and firelight, warm blankets, and more. While it is possible to find hygge year-round, there is no better time for this concept than during the fall and winter.

Most buyers want a welcoming, comfortable space to call their own, and you can achieve the hygge feeling through embracing fall’s natural emphasis on hearth and home. Be sure to highlight your interior’s natural light through opening curtains or shades. It’s also smart to make a cozy first impression with your gas or wood-burning fireplace. Leave a note with the remote or near the control panel encouraging buyers to turn the fireplace on. During an open house, consider offering buyers tea, cocoa, and coffee and plates of cookies or pumpkin bread. Finally, while arranging candles will add to this cozy vibe, be sure to only light them if they’re unscented–scented candles can smell overpowering to potential buyers.

2. Cozy, cool weather leads to a better buying experience.

No one likes to buy homes when it’s hot. Few people like to do anything when it’s hot, other than lie around at on the beach at Golden Gardens or drink cold beer on a patio.

Real estate agents often suggest taking advantage of the crisp autumn weather by staging your home’s exterior with as much charm as possible so that buyers will want to explore outside. You can create hygge for your home’s exterior by keeping your curb appeal clean and cozy. Think colorful potted mums on your front steps, outdoor lighting, elegant and comfortable patio furniture, and a fall-themed wreath for the front door. Additionally, be sure to clean your gutters, evenly layer fresh mulch in your garden beds, and sweep your front lawn, backyard, and walkways clean of dead leaves.

3. Lower inventory means less competition.

Because fall is considered the off-season, there are fewer listings available during this time. Additionally, with the Seattle area’s competitive seller’s market, more people looking to buy than sell right now, no matter what time of year it is. This means that your home is most likely a hot commodity, and that there are probably fewer competing homes for sale in your neighborhood.

4. Buyers are often more motivated.

Because it’s less common for people to shop in the fall, those who are on the market tend to be serious and committed. Additionally, many home buyers are working with a tighter, more urgent schedule–most people want to move and settle in before the holidays. The odds are potential buyers are looking to close a deal quickly. This sense of urgency can lead buyers to more readily accept your home’s listing price.

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