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New: Seattle Neighborhood Profile: Laurelhurst

Posted on Jul 24, 2017

Just south of Windermere and east of the University District, Laurelhurst is situated on the shores of Lake Washington. The Duwamish tribe used this area as a seasonal campground called “Sahlouwil.” The neighborhood was first developed around the turn of the century, when a community of about fifty people built the Seattle Golf Club there; today, the club is a beautiful private residence. Here are a few reasons why living in Laurelhurst might be just what you need.

1. It Has Something For Everyone ranked Laurelhurst as the best neighborhood in Seattle for families. This status is largely due to the neighborhood’s excellent schools, quiet residential streets, and proximity to the University of Washington. The area’s best schools include the private Villa Academy and Laurelhurst Elementary, which offers the popular Laurelhurst After School Enrichment Rooms (LASER).

Laurelhurst isn’t just for families, however; it’s also home to many singles and couples, both professionals working in the city and retired individuals. Because Laurelhurst is 52% less populated than the rest of Seattle, it’s the perfect home for anyone looking for a tiny oasis of quiet in an otherwise bustling city.

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2. It’s Walkable
One of the best parts of living in the city is being able to walk as much as possible, foregoing one’s car for the pleasure of slowing down and enjoying some fresh air. In fact, recent studies have shown that living in walkable neighborhoods makes people happier–this fact alone is a great reason to move to a neighborhood like Laurelhurst!
Laurelhurst has several restaurants, bars, schools, and shops close by, such as the casual Valarmos Pizzeria or Gretchen’s Place coffee shop. For a night out, stop by the cozy American-style brasserie Saint Helens Cafe. Depending on where you live in Laurelhurst, the neighborhood is also just a few minutes away by car from the University Village shopping center.

3. It’s Gorgeous
Take it from me, someone who lived in a variety of neighborhoods throughout her twenties (hello, urban strip with automotive repair shops and neon-signed dive bars!), whether or not your neighborhood has greenery and beautiful spaces matters. Laurelhurst’s breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington and waterfront living can definitely enhance your quality of life. Check out this lovely home with stunning views from its expansive windows.

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