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New: Neighborhood Profile: Queen Anne

Posted on May 22, 2017

Way back in the Stone Age (or thereabouts) Queen Anne was among the least popular parts of Seattle when it came to purchasing property. Much of this unpopularity was a result of the neighborhood’s steep and hilly geography (which, to be fair, would have been much more annoying before the advent of the automobile). Whatever the reason for public distaste when it came to Queen Anne, local developers were desperate to get land off their hands, and even tried to entice potential buyers by offering two plots of land for the price of one.

Now, of course, Queen Anne (named after the style of home many original builders constructed in the area) lives up to its regal name and is one of Seattle’s most popular places to live in. However, even characterizing the neighborhood itself can be something of a challenge. The lower end of the region is close to downtown attractions like the Key Arena and the Space Needle, while other parts of the neighborhood are comfortably residential. And let’s not forget that, with the presence of Seattle Pacific University in the north end, some of the area has a distinctly collegiate atmosphere.

In short, there’s a little bit of everything in Queen Anne, and even the pickiest of homeowners is sure to find something to like about the neighborhood. Indeed, there’s so much to do in Queen Anne and adjoining residences, the unprepared visitor might be liable to get a trifle overwhelmed. If that’s the case, the best place to start is with local eateries, as any subsequent activities will be far more enjoyable without an aching hunger. The Queen Anne area has more than enough cuisine to satisfy even the pickiest gourmet, but one of the neighborhood’s most famous restaurants remains How To Cook A Wolf, an establishment famous for its ability to turn simple, fresh ingredients into artfully delicious cuisine. For a laid back and eclectic serving of down-home comfort food (and a fabulously filling breakfast), check out 5 Spot. And, if your meal’s put you in a food coma, check out El Diablo Coffee for Cuban-themed espresso and pastries.

However, there’s far more to this neighborhood than mere food and drink. In fact, Queen Anne is uniquely blessed when it comes to fun cultural attractions. Bumbershoot has showcased superior musical and artistic talent since the 1970s, while the Key Arena hosts both concerts and Seattle Storm basketball games. If you’re less in the mood for high-energy spectacles and looking for a more cerebral diversion, the nearby Pacific Science Center has plenty of attractions for both children and adults, including a world-class IMAX theater.

And that’s just scratching the surface. In truth, there’s more than enough in the Queen Anne area to keep anyone busy for a long, long time. Accordingly, it’s easily one of the most livable Seattle neighborhoods, which makes it especially unfortunate that developers no longer offer their generous two-for-one deal.

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