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Posted on Sep 29, 2016

By Margaret Smith, Executive Assistant for Pickett Street Properties

I had a vivid imagination as a kid.  Like Mary Poppins, I would hop off the garage roof with my red umbrella hoping to fly.  My Mom taught me to hope and I think her optimism passed on to me in a fashion similar to her smile.  

I know people may not think my optimism is sensible at times- I get it. But I have to tell you, it has helped me push through some difficult times, and I think ultimately I am healthier for it. 

My delight with tree houses started when I was in elementary school.  I loved the idea of living in something above everyone else and surrounded by leaves.  I had a sense that if I lived in one, the fairies would eventually come find me as well. 

I never imagined there were people that were capable of building something so whimsical yet functional.  In the last few years I began to notice places like Treehouse Point in Issaquah, WA where you can rent places to stay overnight or rooms for events. Many people have watched the tv series Treehouse Masters, where they have built the most amazing homes in the leaves I’ve ever seen.

In January 2014 my Team Leader and Owner of Pickett Street, Jesse D. Moore, brought the workshop called Fierce Conversations to the Keller Williams Office in Bothell, WA.  Taught by Antoinette Perez, this workshop is an intensive 2-day course based on the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.  During our lunch break on the second day we had the privilege of meeting Susan.  She came and spoke to us a bit about why she wrote the book and what she hoped would come from it. 

At the end of that day I was poking around in the back of the room and started chatting with her Assistant (FYI- always good to know the Assistants).  Somehow we got on the topic of where Susan lived and she mentioned she lived in a treehouse on Orcas Island.  I was already a bit enamored with this woman and her book, anyone that lives with authenticity and cares enough about people to write a book about having fierce, real conversations catches my attention.  As I was driving Susan to our dinner after the workshop- we chatted about her treehouse and without hesitation, she invited me to visit.

Imagine a treehouse built atop a mountain, surrounded by nothing but trees and a view of the water.  This is the most magical, whimsical place I have ever found myself in. Next to the treehouse she has a guest cottage, which comes crawling out of the earth like it was always there- just born from the mountain itself.  There are dangling edison lights, an outdoor bathtub with chandelier- because duh, bathing outside in nature is where its at.  A fire pit, outdoor kitchen and Airstream for additional guests complete the picture.

The point is, my dreams and imagination should never be treated as something unattainable and childish.  This is where the magic actually happens.  It’s people like Susan that give me hope and drive me forward, my heart was filled that day from her kindness and from having the opportunity to see her imagination and mine mingle on the mountain.

To see her treehouse on Tree House Masters CLICK HERE.

To purchase her book and learn more about how to have Fierce Conversations CLICK HERE.

Pursue your passion, and realize your dreams. Much like Susan, we help people accomplish more than they ever thought they could on Pickett Street.  It’s not just about having a place where you house your things, it’s about creating generational wealth.

Reach out today and tell me how we can help you with your dreams. 


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