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New: So I went on a date…. a story by Mo.

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

So…..yes. Last Tuesday I was set up by a dear friend of mine. I never like set ups. But I trust this person, so I went for it. It was a delicious dinner and lovely setting at Manolin in Wallingford. If you go- get the “Fun Fun Fun” drink. It’s a pink lemonade that is way too easy to drink.

I am not someone that dates a lot- I tend to fall into relationships when its supposed to happen I think (I hope) and I don’t do a lot of casual dating in between. If you’ve had a blind date recently, you might be able to relate a bit more to me at this moment in time. How crazy and strange is it to meet someone you’ve never met before at a restaurant, and hope to have a somewhat interesting and entertaining conversation for at least the time it takes you to get through that delicious smoked salmon and rockfish ceviche.

So we met at 7 and talked until 10pm. If anything I can always bring conversation to the table. At Pickett Street I run all of the initial screening interviews- so I told the guy “Just FYI, you may see me switch to interview mode and just rattle off questions at you. So feel free to shoot back.”

As we’re talking I can’t help but explain to him what we do on the team- and how we operate. And it was through that conversation that he realized he had never really understood how it worked and why he should buy through our team. “You guys average 150 deals a year? Seriously?”. By the end of our dinner there was no question about it- he was going to use Katie Silver as his Buyer’s Agent. 🙂

So you may be thinking “Seriously, Margaret? You went on a date and this is what you talked about?!”

Yes, I did. Why wouldn’t I? I’ve come to realize that one of the reasons I love my job here at Pickett Street is because its one way I can have an honest, direct and immediate impact on those I love. I have always worked in jobs before where I loved what I did and was passionate about it. But never have I worked somewhere that the impact could be so meaningful, immediate and affect their future financial circumstances in a big way.

I know a lot of you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve had family members and friends walk up to me when they see me- and say things like “Wow, it seems like Pickett Street has been life changing!” Everything I put on social media is real- I’m not trying to sell people on anything, I’m being honest. That’s the only way I know how to be. The fact that I can do that AND happen to help my team sell real estate- well, that’s a blessing.

We are real people here on Pickett Street. We have good days, bad days, days when we’re sick and have way too much going on, and days when we can sit back for a minute and realize how blessed we are. We are very serious about this business – and believe in arming people with the knowledge they need to make excellent financial decisions that will benefit their futures.

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And yes, I will write about any other future dates I experience, as long as you promise to read them. If you’re interested in setting me up- please send any photos, bios & information to me at and applications will be reviewed by Katie Silver.


Margaret Smith | Executive Assistant | Pickett Street Properties

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