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New: Staff Profile: Jessica Goecke

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

When asked why Pickett Street is such a phenomenal company to work for, employees often don’t mention Pickett Street’s financial success and business savvy, though both qualities are well-documented characteristics of the company. Instead, most folks talk about the team, the network of individuals that glues Pickett Street together. As such, it’s worth taking the time to get to know this team a little better.


This week, we’ve chosen to highlight the newest member of Pickett Street: Jessica Goecke, Listing Specialist.


The Sunny South

Jessica was born and raised in the Bay Area, a region with a culture (and weather) similar to the Puget Sound. However, as a film enthusiast, Jessica knew she needed to move to Southern California to pursue her passions. As such, she packed up her things, said farewell to the foggy Bay, and headed south to sunnier climes.


Originally, Jessica wanted to be involved in all aspects of the filming process: acting, directing, writing, and more. While Jessica enjoyed the work – and especially working with other film enthusiasts – she gradually began to realize that Southern California was not the place for her, and she regarded a life in Los Angeles with unease. Realizing that no career is worth living in a place that fosters unhappiness, Jessica once again packed up her possessions and moved — this time back to her old stomping grounds.


From Bay to Sound

Back in the Bay, Jessica found a job that satisfied her creative drive: marketing strategist for CBS Television. Jessica remembers this work environment as a supportive place with a team that treated her like family and helped her grow professionally.


However, though San Francisco was a better fit, and though her job was both professionally and personally fulfilling, Jessica soon found herself considering another move. Her husband often traveled back and forth between California and the Northwest for work, and Jessica had family living in Seattle. With relatives close by and the promise of less stressful commutes on the horizon (not to mention a cheaper cost of living), moving north to the Emerald City became increasingly appealing.  


The transition from San Francisco to Seattle was smoother than one might expect. San Francisco and Seattle share similar weather patterns, and so it was easy for Jessica to fit into the rainy culture in the Sound. Also, Jessica immediately saw similarities between tech innovation in the Bay and cultural and economic growth in Seattle. The major difference was how much Seattleites embraced the Great Outdoors, no matter the weather, even going so far as to forgo umbrellas in favor of a more authentic experience in nature.


Listing Specialist

As Pickett Street’s Listing Specialist, Jessica’s overarching task is to help homeowners complete the process of selling their properties. This means that Jessica manages listings from the pre-list stages to closing. However, this job rarely involves routine, and Jessica’s workweek doesn’t see many “typical” days. Often, the workday will find Jessica driving around the city, readying properties for showings and installing finishing touches. At other times, Jessica will be hard at work in the office, calling clients, communicating with buyers’ agents, and generally managing the needs for each listing. “My favorite part of my routine is that there is no routine,” Jessica says. “Every day is different.”


All in all, acting as Pickett Street’s Listing Specialist allows Jessica to utilize her background in marketing to build strong, authentic relationships with each client to ensure that the listing process is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. As such, she fulfills an important role for a company uniquely focused on customer service, and it’s safe to say that her work is an integral part of Pickett Street’s business model. Indeed, Jessica’s concern for each customer’s well being can be clearly seen in her basic philosophy for selling a house:


“Always remember your motivation! Unexpected things can and probably will happen during a transaction, and keeping in mind why you’re selling and where you’re headed will help you maintain perspective and make clear decisions.”


To work with Jessica and list your home with Pickett Street, call (425) 502-5397, or email

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