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New: Profile of Katie Silver, Lead Buyer’s Agent

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

When asked why Pickett Street is such a phenomenal company to work for, employees often don’t mention Pickett Street’s financial success and business savvy, though both qualities are well-documented characteristics of the company. Instead, most folks immediately talk about the team, the network of individuals that glues Pickett Street together. As such, it’s worth taking the time to get to know this team a little better.

This week, we’ve chosen to highlight Katie Silver, Pickett Street’s Lead Buyer’s Agent and seasoned veteran of the real estate world.


Katie Silver has been thinking about real estate for a long time. Living on her own since the age of 17, Katie quickly developed a keen and discerning business sense. While she had been born and raised in Bellingham, and even though she worked in Bellingham at the time, Katie wanted to avoid paying the higher rent that came with living in a college town, and so she moved out to Ferndale to secure a cheap, $400 per month apartment. Despite the low cost of living, however, Katie quickly realized that paying rent each month was akin to throwing money away, as she was using her hard-earned funds to pay for something she didn’t even own. As such, it wasn’t long before Katie’s thoughts drifted toward buying.

After diligently learning about the process of buying a home and expanding her budget to $145,000, Katie purchased a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 704 square foot home in Bellingham. Even better, the house came with a generous back yard and so, as one might expect, Katie soon found a dog to go along with it.

Though Katie did not immediately gravitate toward real estate, the purchase of her first home was the first step, the first major foray into what would become a major pursuit. It was also an example of her untiring determination and independence, especially when one considers that, at the time, Katie was only 20 years old.

The Road to Pickett Street

The transition to real estate took some time. For more than ten years, Katie worked as an account manager for T-Mobile USA and, while she certainly enjoyed the work, she ultimately mastered her position and needed a new challenge. To fulfill this need, Katie took a position as the Senior Manager of Customer Experience with Integrity, a job that required her to travel each month to Panama and Missouri. Despite the adventure inherent in this position, Katie still found herself trying to decide what kind of work she wanted to devote herself to for the long run. Traveling frequently was especially difficult to manage with two boys to take care of, and it seemed that a different job would ultimately serve her better. As such, Katie’s thoughts increasingly returned to the field she’d considered as a young 17 year-old renting out her first apartment: real estate.

Lead Buyer’s Agent

Fast-forward to the future, and Katie found herself not only working in real estate, but also working as Picket Street’s Lead Buyer’s Agent. Currently, Katie heads up the buyer’s division, working extensively with clients in the process of buying a house. She oversees interviews with clients aimed at pinpointing their real estate needs, and also evaluates properties to determine their value and selling price. All in all, Katie enjoys the position because it requires her to approach situations creatively, just as if she were trying to solve a puzzle. Additionally, the position compliments her love for competition, encouraging her to skillfully negotiate deals to achieve maximum success.
However, as much as Katie likes winning, she finds that one of the most critical aspects of her job is ensuring that her team serves clients well. In that case, despite the fact that her position as Lead Buyer’s Agent demands that she utilize the drive and determination that prompted her to buy a house at 20, Katie embodies one of Pickett Street’s most essential qualities: a grounded concern for the well-being of each and every client. It is this factor that can be found in each one of Pickett Street’s team members, and it is this quality that makes each of them succeed.

For more information about buying a home reach out to Katie directly at!

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