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New: Neighborhood Profile: Green Lake

Posted on Nov 9, 2015

Imagine finishing a long day at work in the bustling city and then driving home to a green, secluded space with a vibrant and energetic community. If you live in Green Lake, then you’re one of the lucky individuals who gets to make this dream a reality. Located north of the Seattle City Center, and boasting a seemingly unfair number of gorgeous parks and green spaces (not to mention the eponymous lake), Green Lake is undeniably one of Seattle’s most attractive neighborhoods. The region was originally settled by intrepid pioneers in the 1860s, and since that time the it’s appeal has only increased. In fact, in the last two decades the steady construction of new residences has firmly established Green Lake as one of Seattle’s most popular destinations.

Green Lake’s most obvious draw is, of course, its lake. The region around the lake has been transformed into a park with an overabundance of activities, including a 2.8 mile walking/running/biking/roller skating path following the shoreline. If you’re an aficionado of water sports, or perhaps just trying to impress someone on a first date, then you can also rent kayaks for use on the lake. All in all, Green Lake is home to an active community that relishes any opportunity to blow off some steam outside.

In addition to its athletic atmosphere, Green Lake is host to a number of rich cultural institutions. The Green Lake library is a dignified historical building, and it’s a great alternative to the great outdoors when the inevitable Seattle rain rolls in. Additionally, if you’ve got a free evening, you could stroll down to the Bathhouse Theater, which is located on the west side of the lake and is dedicated to inspiring community through intimate, powerful, professional theater and dynamic youth education programs. Finally, if there’s a country twang in your step, you can kick up your heels at some of the line dancing sessions at the Little Red Hen.

If you’re a foodie, then you certainly won’t go hungry in Green Lake. Spuds has a proud tradition of serving comforting, hardy fish and chips since the ‘30s, while the Green Lake Bar and Grill has a delightful happy hour served alongside classic American fare. Even better, Elysian Brewing’s Tangletown location provides a homey, tight-knit atmosphere echoing the hip, sophisticated aura of European cafes and public houses. And they’ve still got plenty of thirst-quenching craft beer on tap, of course.

In 2013, 407 homes were sold in the Green Lake neighborhood. Home prices ranged from $85,000 for a 2 bed, 1 bath condo, to $1.5 million dollar for a 5 bedroom and 3 bath house. The median costs for houses range from $355,000 for a one bedroom to $561,000 for a 4 bedroom. For more information about buying a home in Green Lake, contact Pickett Street at (425) 502-5397 or

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